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Sea of Tunes
Status Defunct (1969)
Founded 1962 (1962)
Founder Murry Wilson
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Los Angeles
Publication types Songs

Sea of Tunes was a music publishing company, founded in 1962 by Murry Wilson. Murry was the first manager of the Beach Boys; father of Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson; and uncle of Mike Love. The intention of Sea of Tunes was to publish and promote the original songs written primarily by Brian and Love.

After Brian fired Murry as their manager in 1964, Murry continued to serve as the band's publisher. In 1969, he sold Sea of Tunes to Almo/Irving, the publishing arm of A&M Records, for $700,000 (today $4,570,000).[1] Murry believed the band's popularity had already peaked, and he was doing them a favor by selling out when the band was at its low point in the late 1960s. Instead, the band members were furious.[citation needed]

Love v. Wilson[edit]

Love v. Wilson
Court U.S. District Court
Decided December 12, 1994 (1994-12-12)

In the early 1990s, years after Murry's death, Brian claimed fraud and sued for the return of his song copyrights.[1] In 1994, the catalog was estimated to be worth $40 million (today $64,630,000).[2] Brian suggested that his signature was forged by his father on several related business documents, making the sale illegal.[3][4] While he failed to recover them in court, Brian was awarded $25 million in damages, including unpaid and underpaid royalties.[5] In 1992, Love responded by filing a lawsuit, Love v. Wilson.[6] Love enacted the lawsuit for the reason that Murry never credited him for approximately 35 of the songs he had co-written with Brian, and, therefore, Love had also lost out on royalties. Unable to come to a settlement on their own, Mike sued Brian for a share of his award, winning $13 million.[2]

List of amended credits[edit]

Per Andrew Doe.[7]

Bootleg label[edit]

In 1997, a label named after the publishing company issued a slew of unauthorized bootleg recordings sourced from Beach Boys archives.[8]


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