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Bibifoc (English: Seabert) is a French animated television series from 1985. It was created by BZZ Films in Paris and originally aired in French on Antenne 2, before being translated into different languages around the world. In the United States, the show aired on HBO starting in 1987. There were 26 episodes. The authors are: Marc Tortarolo for the theme, Philippe Marin for the design, and Jacques Morel with Éric Turlot for the stories.


The production for the series, was handled by Mill Valley Animation on a contract from SEPP International S.A., the noted Brussels's production house which also featured animation series and properties including The Smurfs, Snorks and Foofur. Jerry Smith, owner of Mill Valley Animation, was also responsible for many of the below the line fulfillment needs of many Hanna-Barbera, Ruby Spears, and some DIC animation series. Director for Seabert was Dirk Braat of Amsterdam and series Casting Director was Ron Knight, principal of Knight Mediacom (formerly Image One Productions, San Francisco). See Knight Mediacom International.


Seabert was about a boy named Tommy, an Inuit girl named Aura, and their "pet" whitecoat seal Seabert. After Seabert's parents are killed by hunters, the three banded together. They go on adventures in which they encounter more hunters and poachers (including a villain named "Graphite" and Tommy's uncle "Smoky") and save various animals from harm.

Episode List[edit]

  1. A New Friendship
  2. Radio Message
  3. Leopard Smugglers
  4. Rock 'n Rescue aura is caught and tied up to be scent to her arch-enemy graphite so that he can destroy her
  5. The Saboteur
  6. The Sea Otters
  7. Iceberg Ahead
  8. Panda-monium
  9. The Fur Factory
  10. Twenty Feet Under Ice
  11. The Yeti
  12. Whale Mission
  13. Petnappers in Paris aura is kidnapped
  14. Bungle in the Jungle
  15. Deadly Plans
  16. The Kidnapping
  17. Alpine Adventure
  18. The Land of the Mayas
  19. Poached Turtle Eggs
  20. The Ivory Hunters
  21. The Trio
  22. The Professor's Whistle
  23. The Hunters' Blues
  24. Monkey Business
  25. The Unicorn
  26. Photo Set Up

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