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Seacouver, Washington is a fictional city in the Highlander universe. The city of Seacouver appears in the first 5 seasons of Highlander: The Series, and is best known as the home of Duncan MacLeod and several other Immortals, as well as many Watchers. The city's name is a portmanteau for a Seattle-like city though the series was filmed in Vancouver, BC. It became the official city for the show.

Duncan's place of residence was first identified as Seacouver in the pilot episode of the series, in which he owned an antique and sculptures gallery. He sold the place after Tessa Noël's death and moved back and forth to Paris, France, living in a barge located on the Seine river and in an apartment above a martial arts dojo located in Seacouver.

The city of Seacouver was founded in 1793. It celebrated its bicentennial in 1993, as evidenced in the first-season episode "Revenge is Sweet". In late 1992 (per the date given in the Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM and dialogue from the same episode), Duncan MacLeod's lover, Tessa Noel, was contracted by the city's bicentennial committee to sculpt a work of art for the city's upcoming birthday. The Immortal villain of the episode, Walter Reinhardt, vandalized Tessa's sculpture.

Seacouver is known to be architecturally modeled after Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[citation needed]

The term Seacouver is sometimes used in a more generic sense when discussing other series or movies set in the United States but filmed in Canada.

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