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Developer(s) Bigpoint Games
Publisher(s) Bigpoint Games
Platform(s) Web browser
Release date(s) 18 March 2006
Genre(s) Massively Multiplayer Online Game
Mode(s) multiplayer

Seafight is a high seas pirate browser game developed and published by Bigpoint Games. Bigpoint Games describes Seafight as a free to play game, but in fact certain features are only available on payment. The game revolves around ship warfare on the open seas as player fight against monsters in PvE and against each other in PvP battles in search of treasure and gold. As of October 2013, there are over 44 million registered users of the game, available in 30 different languages.

Much of this pirate based PvP game takes place on the open seas. On the seas, players will engage in combat with NPCs and other players. Once players form Guilds, they will be able to attack and/or Defend special Guild Islands scattered throughout the game.

Flash banner advertisement[edit]

The company drew a lot of criticism for its flash banner advertisement with cannon sound effects loudly surprising unsuspecting website visitors in 2011.