Seafood birdsnest

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Seafood birdsnest
Traditional Chinese海鮮
Simplified Chinese海鲜雀巢
Jyutpinghoi2 sin1 zoek3 caau4
Hanyu Pinyinhǎi xiān qiǎo cháo
Literal meaningSeafood birds nest

Seafood birdsnest is a common Chinese cuisine dish found in Hong Kong, China and most overseas Chinatown restaurants. It is also found within Cantonese cuisine. It is usually classified as a mid to high-end dish depending on the seafood offered.


The edible nest holding the seafood is made entirely out of fried taro or noodles.[1] [2] There are different intricate netting used in the nest making. The fried nest is usually tough and crunchy.


Despite the name there is nothing bird-related in this dish, nor are there any dried ingredients. The most common ingredients are scallops, peapods, boneless fish fillet, celery sticks, straw mushrooms, calamari, shrimp.

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