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Seaford Head Golf Course is a links golf course, situated in Seaford,[1] a coastal town in East Sussex, in the south of England. The course is on the Seaford Head Cliff, so offers views of the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head.


When it first opened in 1887, it was only twelve holes, but by 1889 it was an eighteen hole course. The course is built on a Saxon camp that comes from the Iron Age. During the Second World War, the course was used by the military and for food production. This caused a lot of damage to the course, but it was repaired in 1946.

Air navigation Beacon

Unusually there is an air navigation beacon located on the course that is used by pilots en route to Gatwick Airport and beyond.


  • 1st hole - 'The Ravine' is a par 4, 400 yards opening hole, with a stroke index of 5. It gets it name from the ravine running down the left hand side.
  • 2nd hole - 'The Dew Pond' is a short par 4, with a length of 316 yards. The dew pond in question, is situated only 40 yards from the green. The stroke index is 15.
  • 3rd hole -
  • 4th hole - This hole is called 'The Pill Box'. It is the first par 3, with an overall distance of 176 yard and a stoke index of 9.
  • 5th hole -
  • 6th hole - 'The Well' has the second lowest stroke index of the course. It is 394 yards long and another par 4.
  • 7th hole - 'The Copse' has a stroke index of 7. It is a par 4 and has a yardage of 339.
  • 8th hole - 'The Steps' is 343 yards long and is a par 4. It has a stroke index of 8.
  • 9th hole - 'The Warren' has a narrow entrance to the fairway. it is a par 4 and has a stroke index of 4. The distance is 331 yards.
  • 10th hole - 'The Drop' is named so, because of the slope that goes around the green. It is a par 3 and only 143 yards. It has a stroke index of 18, making it theoretically the easiest hole of the course.
  • 11th hole - Straight after is the hardest hole, 'The Brow', which has a stroke index of 1. It has a length of 336 yards and is a par 4.
  • 12th hole - 'The Hell Hole' is a par 3, which has a length of 110 yards. The stroke index is 10.
  • 13th hole - 'The Recovery' is a par 5, with a yardage of 478. It is a relatively easy hole though, with a stroke index of 17.
  • 14th hole - This hole is called 'The Seven Sisters', as this hole offers views of the famous cliffs. It is a par 4, with a stroke index of 6 and a total yardage of 359.
  • 15th hole - 'The Gap' is yet another par 4. It is 397 yards and has a stroke index of 3, making it one of the toughest holes of the course.
  • 16th hole - 'The Hit and Run' is a par 3, with a length of 151 yards and a stroke index of 13.
  • 17th hole - This hole is called ' The Cliff Edge', because of the close proximity to the edge of the cliff. The stroke index is 14, for this par 4 of 289 yards.
  • 18th hole - The final hole is called 'The Head' and is 489 yards long. It is a par 5 and has a stroke index of 12.[2]

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