Seaford Head Nature Reserve

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Seaford Head Nature Reserve can be found to the east of Seaford, East Sussex, covering an area from Seaford Head to the Cuckmere Valley and inland encompassing the River Cuckmere. The Reserve is jointly owned by Seaford Town Council, the National Trust and East Sussex County Council.[1]

A view of the Seven Sisters from Seaford Head

The reserve forms part of the Seaford Head to Beachy Head Site of Special Scientific Interest. The geology here is unusual with a layer of sand overlying chalk cliffs. Within the reserve communities of both chalk and acid-loving plants grow in harmony, along with rare butterflies, bees and other insects.

The Sussex Wildlife Trust graze cattle on the reserve and actively manage the flora and fauna.[2]


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Coordinates: 50°45′25″N 0°07′59″E / 50.757°N 0.133°E / 50.757; 0.133