Seal Our Fate

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"Seal our Fate"
Seal Our Fate USA Cover Sleeve.jpg
Single by Gloria Estefan
from the album Into the Light
Released March/April 1991
Format CD maxi single
Cassette Single
3-inch CD Single
7-inch Vinyl Single
12-inch Vinyl Single
Recorded 1990
Genre Pop rock
Label Epic
Songwriter(s) Gloria Estefan
Gloria Estefan singles chronology
"Coming Out Of The Dark"
"Seal our Fate"
"Remember Me with Love"
"Coming Out Of The Dark"
"Seal Our Fate"
"Remember Me with Love"
Into the Light track listing
"Coming Out Of The Dark"
"Seal Our Fate"
"What Goes Around"

"Seal Our Fate" is a single by American singer and songwriter Gloria Estefan. It was released in 1991 worldwide as the second single from her second solo album Into the Light.

Song information[edit]

The 7-inch vinyl single at the UK was released as a "Limited Edition Tour Souvenir Pack" and the Latin American promo-single was released with the name of "Sella Nuestro Destino" that means the same in English, but the song was not in a Spanish version. Some remixes were made for the song, some of which were produced by John Hagg and Eric Schilling.[1]

Music video[edit]

Gloria Estefan on a still in the music video

A music video for this song was released, and is one of Gloria's most choreographed ever videos, similar to the choreography made by Paula Abdul on her music-video "Cold Hearted." The music video became a hit since fans and followers of Estefan saw her recovered from her near-fatal accident. In the video she dances and follows a choreography for the song with the other dancers.

Pepsi commercial[edit]

The song which was a moderate-hit was used for a 1991 Pepsi commercial that featured Estefan. The clip shows a student listening to (presumably) his teacher (Estefan), but then he drinks a Pepsi soda and turns on his walkman, which leads to his teacher turning into a rock star singing this song and the scenario being changed from the school to a concert stage where Gloria is dancing and singing. The student then realizes he is only dreaming and pays attention back to the teacher, who at the end shuts an eye to the camera and the commercial ends with a Pepsi slogan.

Track listings[edit]

Release history[edit]

Region Date
U.S. April 16, 1991
U.K. March 1991
Europe April 4, 1991
Japan April 11, 1991
Australia April 23, 1991

Chart performance[edit]

Country Peak
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 53
Belgium (Vlaanderen) 35
Belgium (Wallonie) 20
Netherlands 46
Japan (Tokyo) 65
Germany 54
Poland 47
U.K. 24

Official versions[edit]

Original versions

  1. Album version — 4:25
  2. Edit — 3:55


  1. Extended Remix — 6:09
  2. Remix Edit — 4:13
  3. Dub — 5:33


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