Seal Point Lighthouse

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Seal Point Lighthouse
Cape St. Francis
Cape St Francis Lighthouse Seal Point.jpg
Seal Point Lighthouse
Seal Point Lighthouse is located in Eastern Cape
Seal Point Lighthouse
Eastern Cape
Location Cape St. Francis
Eastern Cape
South Africa
Coordinates 34°12′44.6″S 24°50′10.4″E / 34.212389°S 24.836222°E / -34.212389; 24.836222Coordinates: 34°12′44.6″S 24°50′10.4″E / 34.212389°S 24.836222°E / -34.212389; 24.836222[1]
Year first constructed 1878[2]
Construction brick tower
Tower shape cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern rising from one-story keeper's house
Markings / pattern white tower and lantern
Height 27.75 metres (91.0 ft)[2][3]
Focal height 36 metres (118 ft)
Original lens Fresnel
Current lens original 1878 Fresnel lens
Light source mains power
Intensity 2,750,000 cd[1][2]
Range 28 nautical miles (52 km)[1][2]
Characteristic Fl W 5s.[2]
Fog signal Horn Mo(C) 30s[1]
Admiralty number D6386
NGA number 32148
ARLHS number D6386[4]

Seal Point is a lighthouse on Cape St. Francis in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The lighthouse is operational, which also houses a museum. Public access to the top of the tower is allowed in the company of a guide.

Construction on the lighthouse started in November 1875 and it became operational on 4 July 1878.[5] Total construction cost was £20 000.[3]

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