Seal Sands Power Station

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Seal Sands Power Station
Seal Sands Power Station is located in County Durham
Seal Sands Power Station
Location of Seal Sands Power Station in County Durham
Official name Seal Sands Power Station
Country England
Location County Durham, North East England
Coordinates 54°36′24″N 1°12′10″W / 54.606739°N 1.202678°W / 54.606739; -1.202678Coordinates: 54°36′24″N 1°12′10″W / 54.606739°N 1.202678°W / 54.606739; -1.202678
Commission date 1997
Operator(s) Viking Power
PX Ltd
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas-fired
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 50 MW
grid reference NZ516238

Seal Sands Power Station (also known as Viking Power Station) is a gas-fired gas turbine power station situated on the River Tees at Seal Sands near Billingham, in the borough of Stockton-on-Tees, which is part of County Durham, North East England.


Construction of the plant began in 1997, it was built as a collaboration between National Power and Kværner Construction, costing £25 million to construct.[1] When it opened in the spring of 1999, it used the first Rolls-Royce Trent engine to be put into industrial service. The station uses a single 50 megawatt gas turbine, which is fueled by natural gas.[2] Northern Electric originally supplied the gas for the station, as well as distributing the electricity generated. The plant has a 40% efficiency at 15 °C.[3] As of September 2004, PX Limited have maintained the station, while Viking Power own the station.[4]


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