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Great Seal of Maine
Seal of Maine.svg
ArmigerState of Maine
AdoptedMarch 15, 1820
MottoDirigo (Latin: "I direct" or "I lead")
Coat of arms of Maine
Coat of arms of Maine.svg
Maine state coat of arms (illustrated, 1876).jpg
Ströhl-HA-LI-Fig. 17.png
Coat of arms according to Ströhl, 1899
ArmigerState of Maine
AdoptedJune 9, 1820

The Great Seal of the State of Maine was adopted in June 1820. There have been variations in the details of the seal, but the overall design and images remain true to the original. The center of the seal is a shield adorned with a tranquil scene of a moose resting in a field bordered by water and woods; a pine tree stands tall directly behind the moose. On either side of the shield, a farmer rests on his scythe, and a sailor leans on an anchor. Above the shield is the motto "Dirigo" (I direct) and a stylized North Star. Below the shield is a banner that reads "Maine". The legislature of 1919 decided that the design of the seal should no longer vary, and the design is still used today.


Dīrigō (Latin "I direct" or "I lead") is the state motto of Maine, having once been the only state to hold its elections in September. (Politicians kept their eyes on these elections for evidence of a trend. Prior to the New Deal, Republicans claimed "As Maine goes, so goes the nation.")

The resolutions adopting the seal upon which this motto appears, give some insight into the meaning intended by the state motto: " the Polar Star has been considered the mariner's guide and director in conducting the ship over the pathless ocean to the desired haven, and as the center of magnetic attraction; as it has been figuratively used to denote the point, to which all affections turn, and as it is here intended to represent the State, it may be considered the citizens' guide, and the object to which the patriot's best exertions should be directed".

The motto and seal are used by the University of Maine. The motto has also been used for the name of the Dirigo Health Agency which oversees the state of Maine's health care system.

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