Seal of Phnom Penh

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Seal of Phnom Penh.svg

The Seal of Phnom Penh is the municipality seal used by the City Hall of Phnom Penh.

Symbolism and description[edit]


The seal is round with a light black outer ring, which is a bit light some might not see it. In the ring consists of a violet-purple-like color inner ring with a palm tree and other trees with the same color. Others include Wat Phnom and Spean Neak also in the same color.


The palm tree (ដើមត្នោត) represents Cambodia (កម្ពុជ឵), the other trees represent nature, Wat Phnom and Spean Neak (វត្តភ្នំ និងស្ព឵នន឵គ) represent Phnom Penh (ភ្នំពេញ).