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Variants of the Seal of Tbilisi

The emblem of the City of Tbilisi, Georgia, was designed in the late 1980s and reconfirmed as an official seal of the city on June 8, 2005.

It is a traditional Georgian shield where the Georgian Mkhedruli inscription თბილისი ("Tbilisi") with the capitalized letter თ form a stylized falcon and pheasant illustrating the legend of Tbilisi's origin. Along the upper edge are seven small seven-point stars lined up in crescent format. An intervening oak twig is symbolic of sturdiness and durability and creates a cross-like partition at the bottom of the shield which shelters the name of Tbilisi written in historic Georgian scripts – Asomtavruli and Nuskhuri. It rests upon a water wave symbolizing the Mtkvari River on which the city is situated.[1]

Historical coat of arms[edit]

The coat of arms of Tbilisi (Tiflis) under Imperial Russian rule (19th century).


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