Sealed with a Kiss (The Eyeliners album)

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Sealed with a Kiss
Studio album by The Eyeliners
Released 2001
Label Lookout Records
Producer Ryan Greene
The Eyeliners chronology
Here Comes Trouble
Sealed With a Kiss
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Sealed with a Kiss is an album by The Eyeliners, released on 25 September 2001 by Lookout Records.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sealed with a Kiss"
  2. "Play It Again"
  3. "It Could Have Been You"
  4. "Too Good to Be True"
  5. "I Could Never Hate You"
  6. "Bad Luck Charm"
  7. "Something to Say"
  8. "When Will I See You Again?"
  9. "Wishing on a Star"
  10. "I'd Do It All Over Again"
  11. "Everything's Alright"
  12. "Finished with You"