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Seaman or Seamen may refer to:

Maritime uses[edit]

  • Sailor, a person working on ocean-going ships
  • Seaman, a military rank in some nations' navies
  • USS Seaman (DD-791), a destroyer that was delivered, but never commissioned; named in honor of Navy pilot Allen L. Seaman



  • Allen L. Seaman (1916–1944), US Navy pilot
  • Arthur Edmund Seaman (1858–1937), curator of A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum
  • Bob Seaman (born 1931), American college football coach
  • Christopher Seaman (born 1942), British music conductor
  • Daryl Seaman (1922–2009), Canadian businessman and owner of the Calgary Flames hockey team
  • David Seaman (born 1963), English football goalkeeper
  • Frederic Seaman (1906–2000), field hockey player for India
  • Galen Seaman (1837–1932), former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly
  • J. C. Seaman (1898–1964), former member of the Louisiana House of Representatives from Waterproof
  • Keith Seaman (born 1920), former Governor of South Australia (1977-1982)
  • Lazarus Seaman (died 1675), was an English clergyman, supporter of the Presbyterian party, Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge, and nonconformist minister
  • Owen Seaman (1861–1936), British writer, journalist, poet and editor of Punch magazine
  • Richard Seaman (1913–1939), English racing driver
  • Tim Seaman (born 1972), American race walker
  • Seaman Jacobs (1912–2008), American screenwriter
  • Seaman Dan (born 1929), Torres Strait Islander (Australian) singer-songwriter
  • Seaman Squyres (1910–1979), American football player

Other uses[edit]

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