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Birth name Naoki Takada (高田尚輝)
Also known as Seamo, Sea-Mo Nator
Born (1975-10-31) October 31, 1975 (age 41)
Origin Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture
Genres Pop, hip-hop
Occupation(s) Singer, rapper
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1995-present
Labels Sony Music Entertainment Japan (2002-2011)
* Sony Records (2002-2004)
* BMG Japan (2005-2009)
* Ariola Japan (2009-2011)
Universal J (2011-present)
Associated acts see list
Website Official site

Naoki Takada (高田 尚輝 Takada Naoki?, born October 31, 1975) is a Japanese rapper and hip-hop artist better known under his alias Seamo (シーモ Shīmo). He made his debut in 2004 using the alias Sea-Mo Nator (シーモネーター shīmonētā?), but later changed his name to Seamo. He made his solo debut in 2005 with the Japanese record label BMG Japan with the single "Kanpaku" (関白 Advisor?). Seamo became famous when he appeared along with the duo Bennie K on the song "A Love Story." In 2006, Seamo had his best-selling single in Japan with "Mata Aimashō" (マタアイマショウ?), which despite peaking at number fourteen on the singles chart has spent thirty four weeks on the chart and sold more than 160,000 copies so far. His debut album is Get Back On Stage, released on October 31, 2005.[1] His second album, Live Goes On, made its debut on the Japanese chart at number one. As his favorite artists and influences, Seamo lists Kool Keith, MC Hammer, and Japanese acts Unicorn, Sing Like Talking, and Original Love. In 2008, he released "Honey Honey Feat. Ayuse Kozue", this song was used as the ending theme song of the second season of the anime xxxHolic, xxxHolic: Kei. His song "My Answer" was used as the tenth ending of the popular anime Naruto Shippuden. His song "Umi e Ikou" was featured as the ending theme for the 2010 live-action drama Moyashimon.



  • "Stock Delivery" (2008)
  • "Best Of Seamo" (2009)
  • "Collabo Densetsu" (2011)
  • "Love Song Collection" (2014)


  • Get Back On Stage (2005)
  • Live Goes On (2006)
  • Round About (2007)
  • Stock Delivery (2008)
  • Scrap & Build (2008)
  • "messenger" (2011)
  • "REVOLUTION" (2012)
  • "To The Future" (2013)


  • "Kanpaku" (関白 Advisor?)
  • "Drive"
  • "Kanpaku"
  • "A Love Story"
  • "Mata Aimashou"
  • "See You Later" (マタアイマショウ Mata Aimashō?)
  • "Lupin the Fire" (ルパン・ザ・ファイヤー Rupan za Faiyā?)[2]
  • "Cry Baby"
  • "Fly Away"
  • "Kiseki"
  • "Locus" (軌跡 Kiseki?)
  • "Mother"
  • "Honey Honey (feat. Ayuse Kozue)"
  • "Yasashii Kaze"
  • "My Answer"
  • "Continue"
  • "ONE LIFE"
  • "Owari to Hajimari\Lost Boy
  • "HOLD MY HAND (feat. HOME MADE Kazoku)"
  • Yakusoku (Promise)
  • "Umi e Ikou"
  • "Kimi ni 1-nichi 1-kai "Suki" to Iu"
  • "Yogoreta Tsubasa De"


  • "5 WOMEN" (2010)
  • "ONE LIFE" (2011)


  1. Small World
    • September 19, 2002
    • 1,890 Copies
  2. "I've Been Looking For You ~Seamonator & DJ Taki-Shit Remix feat. Crystal Boy" (君をさがしてた ~シーモネーター&DJ Taki-Shit Remix feat. Crystal Boy」 Kimi o Sagashiteta ~shīmonētā & DJ Taki-Shit Remix feat. Crystal Boy?)
    • May 9, 2002
  3. The Club
    • March 8, 2006
    • Tenjou Chiki feat. Seamo
  4. Win and Shine
    • May 24, 2006
    • From the collaborations of the Ukatrats FC, produced by m-flo's Taku Takahashi
    • 5,692 Copies
  5. swing presents...Peace from Central Japan
    • June 28, 2006
  6. Hey Boy! Hey Girl!
    • Seamo feat. BoA
  7. SEAMO X SPYAIR - Rock This Way
    • October 17, 2012
    • SEAMO feat. SPYAIR


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