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Sean Cody
Industry Gay pornography
Key people
Sean Cody (Founder, Owner, Director)
Products Gay pornographic films
Website Official website

Sean Cody is a gay pornographic film director who founded in 2001 when he was 30 years old. is now a top ranking presence among gay pornography pay sites.[1]


Sean Cody is a gay male photographer and filmmaker. He was born in Utah and was a Mormon up until the age of eighteen. He was fascinated with the male body even from school days. In his college days, he was closeted and dated women exclusively. He graduated with a master's degree and worked in a large software company for a while. He came out as gay in his mid-twenties. In 2001, at age 30, he launched[2][edit]

The website shows original, quality short films featuring amateur men in homoerotic scenes. Approximately half are solo (masturbation) scenes, while the other half feature either a pair or groups of models.

The early years of focused on "straight" men appearing on camera, presumably for the first time. In these early scenes, it was not uncommon for models to wear masks to conceal their identity. It is speculated that some of the earliest models did not sign appropriate releases, as of the initial 35 videos posted on the site, 7 were removed (including one scene with Sean Cody himself having sex with a model). Through 2006, about 31 videos were removed from the site, but since that time all released videos remain available for viewing on the site.

Beginning in June 2006, the site began publishing video outtakes of the paired/group scenes. The initial "Behind the Scenes" episodes focus on the straight nature of the models, and their discomfort at performing gay sex—including the difficulty some models had in becoming erect. Later episodes of this type focused on the playful nature of the models, and how much "fun" they had while filming. A few of these scenes included "bloopers".

Several format changes occurred on the site in December, 2011: the "Behind the Scenes" content was added to the end of the edited scene as it was released; the practice of releasing one new video every other day was established (or solidified); a pattern of releasing a solo video every other release was established, with the alternating videos containing two or more models. Perhaps most controversially, the site began releasing content using multiple models engaged in unsafe sex practices (anal sex without condoms). While a disclaimer appears in front of these "bareback" scenes declaring that the models have been protected by using HIV screening methods, much of the controversy seemed to focus on the fact that the most unsafe behaviors (probably too graphic to describe for Wikipedia[according to whom?]) seemed to be encouraged.[according to whom?]

Bareback content became such a popular part of the site that by mid-2012 protected sex scenes (with condoms) ceased, and currently all scenes with multiple models feature unsafe (bareback) anal sex.

Recruitment for the men in the films is made through advertising, referrals, and at times through approaching men on the street, at the beach or in a store. The men displayed on the site may be straight, gay or bisexual, but most of the models claim to be straight.

Actors are paid for their appearances, and are in most cases clean-cut and in-shape young Caucasian men between 18 and 40, with athletic builds, handsome faces, and most are well-endowed. For most of the guys, it may well be their first video shoot.[3][4] Sean Cody's main competitors are Randy Blue and Corbin Fisher.[citation needed]


The popularity of the Sean Cody web site has propelled many of its models into internet notoriety who have developed large fan followings (mostly in gay online communities), and some have made names for themselves after leaving the site. SeanCody alumni include Simon Czaplinski (known as "Harley" on Sean Cody), an underwear model who appears under the name Simon Dexter;[5] Aaron Savvy ("Ajay"),[6] a fitness model and Ultimate Fighter who has appeared on reality television[7] and in online collaborations such as the It Gets Better Project;[8] and Dayton O'Connor, Colby Keller, Paul Wagner and Brady Jensen ("Dayton", "Colby", "Barry", and "Jonah" respectively), now professional porn actors.[9][10][11] Jeremy Skott Snider, son of soap star Katherine Kelly Lang, has appeared on the site as "Nick".[12] Another Ultimate Fighter, Dakota Cochrane, who appeared on the 15th season of The Ultimate Fighter on FX, modeled as "Danny" on Sean Cody in 2007 and 2008—a decision he now regrets.[13] Sean Cody models have also been romantically linked to gay public figures such as fashion mogul Calvin Klein and X-Men director Bryan Singer, who were reported to have dated Nick Gruber ("Zeke") and "Jess", respectively.[14][15]


Jason Andrews, who appeared on the site as "Addison" in 2008, was arrested for first-degree murder in 2010.[16] Addison was very popular among fans and he appeared in seven videos from April to July 2008. Andrews later pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.[17][18]

In January 2012,'s parent company filed suit in a federal court against 122 unidentified filesharers for allegedly trading pirated copies of the site's first condom-free video, "Brandon & Pierce Unwrapped", in December 2011. This is the first time Sean Cody has sued over online piracy.[19]

In 2014, 18-year-old high-school student Robert Marucci, who had performed in several SeanCody videos under the name "Noel", was briefly suspended from Cocoa High School in Brevard County, Florida. Marucci stated that he had been suspended because of his adult-film performances; school authorities denied this, asserting that they were responding to allegations that Marucci had threatened students who had taunted him for his after-school job. Marucci stated that he had taken the job to help support his mother, who expressed her approval of his conduct.[20][21][22][23][24]

Another Sean Cody ex-model was arrested on felony charges in March 2015, when Teofil Brank, aka "Jarek," was nabbed in an FBI sting, and accused of extortion. Formal charges will be made on March 26th, according to a gay porn blog covering the arrest.[25] "Jarek" modeled for Sean Cody from 2010 to 2013 and appeared in 29 of their videos.

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