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Sean Deason is an American techno producer from Detroit. His aliases include Project X, Sounds Intangible Nature, Freq, and X-313.[1]

Deason got his start doing graphic design for Detroit techno artists while studying at the Center for Creative Studies; among those whose sleeves he designed were Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kenny Larkin, and A Guy Called Gerald. He first produced for Acacia Records, owned by K Hand, and did work at Richie Hawtin's studio before founding his own label, Matrix Records. His first full-length, Razorback, was issued on Studio !K7 in 1996.


As Sean Deason
  • Pump (Matrix Records Detroit, 1994) single
  • Within (Matrix Records Detroit, 1996) single
  • Visionary EP (Matrix Records Detroit, 1996) single
  • Razorback (Studio !K7), 1996) album
  • Jupiter Sunrise (Studio !K7, 1997) single
  • Zig (Intuit-Solar, 2000) single
  • Allegory and Metaphor (Intuit-Solar, 2000) album
  • Love Alarm (Matrix Records, 2002) single
  • Elements Vol. 1 (Matrix Records Detroit, 2009) single
  • Elements Vol. 2 (Matrix Records Detroit, 2009) single
  • Dot & Etta's Shrimp Hut (Matrix Records, 2009) album
  • Rebound EP (with Rob Belleville) (aDepth audio, 2012) single
  • Detroit City EP (Modelhart, 2013) single
As Freq
  • Plastique (Generator Records, 1994) single
  • Green EP (Matrix Records Detroit, 1994) single
  • Red EP (Matrix Records Detroit, 1994) single
  • Innerspace (Matrix Records Detroit, 1994) single
  • With A Vengeance (Matrix Records Detroit, 1997) single
  • Heaven (Distance Records, 1997) single


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