Sean Dorrance Kelly

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Sean Dorrance Kelly
Era Contemporary philosophy
Region Western philosophy
School Continental, Analytic
Main interests
phenomenology, existentialism, philosophy of mind, philosophy of perception, philosophy of literature
Notable ideas

Sean Dorrance Kelly is an American philosopher and professor of philosophy at Harvard University. He is known for his expertise on various aspects of the philosophical, phenomenological, and cognitive neuroscientific nature of human experience.[1][2] He is featured in Tao Ruspoli's film Being in the World.


  • The Relevance of Phenomenology to the Philosophy of Language and Mind (Studies in Philosophy), Sean D. Kelly, Routledge, 2000
  • All Things Shining: Reading the Western Classics to Find Meaning in a Secular Age, Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly, Free Press, 2011

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