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Sean Ensign
Born 1972 (age 44–45)
Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Genres Dance, dance-pop, Hi-NRG
Years active 2005 – present
Labels Titan Sounds (2005-present)

Sean Ensign (born 1972) is an American singer-songwriter.

Early life[edit]

The last of eight children, Sean Ensign was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. From an early age, he learned to appreciate the value and beauty of music. Ensign taught himself to play the piano. He took every chance that presented itself to sing. However, it was not until he began writing his own songs that he was able to fully express himself emotionally and artistically. Before releasing his first album, Ensign worked as a professional hospital intensive care nurse and as a male fitness model. Since retiring from music in 2013, Sean continues to work as an RN while completing his master's degree in nursing anesthesia. While under the pen name James Warren (Named after his father), Sean also wrote a fan-fiction novel called "Lost" based on the 1970s and 1990s Sid & Marty Krofft television series "Land of the Lost". This adaption retells the story of the Marshall family epic adventures while trapped in another dimension with dinosaurs and dangerous creatures.


Ensign started on the road to becoming a successful singer and songwriter after being signed to the label, Titan Sounds. He soon began to make waves in the music world, particularly, the Club/Dance music industry. His debut single, "It's My Life (Finally)" peaked at #35 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play and #21 on the Hot Dance Singles Sales chart. The follow-up single, "Without You" saw greater success peaking at #4 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play. Both songs are from his debut album, Finally which blends Hi-NRG music songs with passionate ballads. He also covered the Ace of Base song, "Everytime It Rains." Ensign's third single "Everytime It Rains" is in the works with an acoustic ballad version and many Club/Dance remixes done by other producers including Hex Hector for the CD single. The remixes are being sent to DJs and clubs in both Europe and the United States.




Year Song U.S. Club/Dance U.S. Dance Airplay U.S. Dance Singles Sales UK Club Chart
2006 "It's My Life (Finally)" 35 - 21 12
2006 "Without You" 4 - - 16
2007 "Everytime It Rains" 45 - - 8
2008 "I Wanna Be With You" - - - 25
2008 "Feel So Good" - - - 2
2009 "Fly Away" - - - 1
2010 "Amazing" - - - 6
2010 "Disappear" - - - 2
2012 "Boyfriend" - - - 10
2012 "All Over Again" - - - 11
2013 "Feel The Music" - - - 17

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