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Sean Ingle (born in Luton, UK) is a British journalist. He has been a Sports Editor at since 2000, specialising in football. He is best known as a regular contributor to the Guardian Football Weekly podcast, where his extensive and often unconvincing analogies are affectionately indulged by both presenters and listeners alike. His own accounts of his time spent playing Sunday League football (as a goalkeeper) have led to his fellow Football Weekly presenters regularly joking that he has "played football at a reasonably high level".

"Crouchie's Having His Nachos"[edit]

He is best known in the United States for an anecdote involving Peter "Crouchie" Crouch and Mexican food. The anecdote is repeatedly played on World Soccer Daily. This anecdote relates the experience of a friend of Ingle's who worked in a nacho fast-food restaurant, in Southampton, UK. Peter Crouch, the England international footballer, is alleged to have demanded complimentary nachos and, upon receipt, eaten the nachos on the premises while saying to himself: "Crouchie's having his nachos."

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