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Sean Taylor is a British author of children's books. He grew up in Surrey, England, and taught in Zimbabwe before studying at Cambridge. He currently divides his time between the United Kingdom and Brazil, where his wife is from.

His books include the novel for teenagers, A Waste of Good Paper, a collection of folktales from the Amazon called The Great Snake,[1] the Purple Class series, and picture books for young children including Boing!, Crocodiles are the Best Animals of All!, The World Champion of Staying Awake, The Grizzly Bear with the Frizzly Hair, Huck Runs Amuck!, Who Ate Auntie Iris?, The Ring Went Zing!, Tickling Tigers, and Goal!.

In December 2007, his book When a Monster is Born (ISBN 1596432543), illustrated by Nick Sharratt, won a gold medal in the Nestlé Prize for works for children five years old and under.[2] However, he turned down the prize money from the sponsor, Nestlé, because of "questions surrounding Nestlé’s marketing of breast-milk substitutes". [3]

In January 2008, Nestlé withdrew from the 23-year-old sponsorship role of the Booktrust administrated prize for children's writing.

In August 2007 the Dutch edition of When a Monster is Born (Als er een monster is geboren) was awarded with a Pluim van de maand (Feather of the month).[4]