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SearchTeam Logo.gif
Real-Time Collaborative Search and Curation Engine
Type of site
Collaborative search engine
Created by Zakta
Slogan(s) Search alone no more!
Alexa rank Negative increase 4,087,258 (April 2014)[1]
Launched July 2011
Current status Public is a collaborative search and curation engine.[2] SearchTeam allows collaborators to search together as a team for web pages, videos, pictures, reference materials, books and articles, and scholarly articles. SearchTeam was launched in July 2011 by Zakta.[3]


In SearchTeam, collaborative search is conducted within a SearchSpace. Collaborators search the Web together, save and edit their results into the SearchSpace, and pick up next time where they left off. Results are organized into folders within the SearchSpace. Within these folders, collaborators can comment on search results, "like" them, post their thoughts, add search results, post links, or upload documents. Users can log in using their Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Yahoo accounts, and can pick collaborators from their contacts and social networks.[4]

Benefits of collaborative search[edit]

The general benefit of a collaborative search engine is that collaborators can search together, save search results, share and discuss them in one place. This could save time, avoid repeated work, and leverage group knowledge when working with colleagues on a business project, collaborating on a school group project, or sharing interesting things with friends and family.[5]

Cited benefits and uses of SearchTeam include:

  • Students collaborating on research in academic setting [6]
  • Students working together on group projects [7]
  • Planning travel or vacation with friends or family [8]
  • Researching a new innovation, a technology detail, or a competitive intelligence problem[9]
  • Investigating a new market direction or new market opportunities[10]
  • Professional as well as amateur genealogy research[11]

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