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For the upcoming film, see Search Party (film).
Search Party
Origin Tooting, United Kingdom
Genres Electronica, new wave
Years active 1981–1984
Labels Magnet Records
Associated acts pinups, R.P.M., Tony Mansfield, New Musik, Peter Hammond[disambiguation needed]
Website Official Facebook Page

Search Party were an experimental electronic new wave band originally from Tooting. Search Party consisted of Alan Rear & Lee Jacob produced by Tony Mansfield.[1] The band members met in school and started recording together in various forms of collaboration from a young age, namely; Pinups on EMI Records & R.P.M. on Ariola Records R.P.M. were also produced by Tony Mansfield.[1] They released their first single "Urban Foxes" in March 1982 on Magnet Records. This single has seen a bit of a cult following grow over recent years partly due to the Mansfield connection. Alan Rear & Lee Jacob featured on all Mansfield's New Musik albums. Search Party disbanded in late 1983 after releasing their second and final single "All Around The World" produced by Peter Hammond[disambiguation needed] & was a hit in Italy. Search Party did half a dozen different TV shows all over Italy at this time to promote the record further. It also appeared on the Italian compilation LP's "Various - Di Gei N°2" & "Various - Discocross No. 6" released by the label "F1 Team".[1] An album of Search Party material was recorded for Magnet Records between 1982-83 but still remains in the Warner Bros. Records vaults who bought out Magnet Records in 1988. Alan Rear wrote six songs for Miguel Bosé's "XXX" album released on WEA in 1987 also produced by Tony Mansfield. Alan Rear is still active in music recording with the electronic musician Simeone and played on two tracks from his 2011 album "An Introduction To Simeone". Lee Jacob went on to become a music teacher & singing coach in England and has been the head of Performing Arts department at the Canterbury High School since January 2001.


  • Urban Foxes, More (1982) Magnet Records UK MAG 222 7" vinyl
  • Urban Foxes (Extended Mix) / More (1982) Magnet Records UK 12 MAG 222 12" vinyl
  • Urban Foxes / More (1982) Magnet Records Spanish Promo MO 2160 7" vinyl
  • All Around The World / Lost Paradise (1983) Magnet Records UK SP1 7" vinyl
  • All Around The World (party mix) / All Around The World (7" mix) Lost Paradise (1983) Magnet Records UK 12SP1 12" vinyl
  • All Around The World (party mix) / All Around The World (7" mix) Lost Paradise (1983) Magnet Records Italy MM 9208 12" vinyl

Band members[edit]

Alan Rear (Songwriter, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5)
Lee Jacob (Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar, Zheng, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5)

Additional members[edit]

Clive Gates (Sequential Circuits Prophet-5)
Tony Mansfield (LinnDrum)

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