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A search suggest drop-down list is a query feature used in computing. A quick system to show the searcher shortcuts, while the query is typed. Before the query has been typed, a drop-down list with the suggested complete search queries, is given as options to select and access. The suggested queries then enable the searcher to complete the required search quickly.

It is a form of autocompletion while typing into a query text box, before a detailed search result is entered. Lists can be based on popular searches or other options. The computing science of syntax and algorithms are used to form search results from data or a database, with search suggested drop-down lists being a common industry standard for an instant search.

Search suggested lists are used by internet browsers, websites and search engines, local operating systems and databases.

Content management systems and frequent searches can assist software engineers in optimizing more refined queries with methods of parameters and subroutines. Suggestions can be results for the current query or related queries by words, time and dates, categories and tags. The suggestion list may be reordered by other options, as enumerative, hierarchical or faceted.

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