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Seatoun from Wellington Harbour entrance.jpg
Seatoun from Wellington Harbour entrance
Seatoun, Wellington, New Zealand
Seatoun, Wellington, New Zealand
Seatoun (New Zealand Wellington)
Basic information
Local authority Wellington City
Date established 1889
Population 2,130 (2006 [1])
Ferry terminal(s) Seatoun Ferryterminal
North Worser Bay
East Wellington Harbour heads
South Breaker Bay, Cook Strait
Southwest Strathmore Park
Northwest Miramar

Seatoun, an eastern suburb of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, lies on the east coast of the Miramar Peninsula, close to the entrance to Wellington Harbour (Port Nicholson), some seven kilometres southeast of the CBD. The suburb sits on an exposed promontory close to Barrett Reef, a dangerous area of rocky shallows upon which many ships have foundered, most notably the inter-island ferry TEV Wahine in 1968.

Europeans first settled the suburb in 1889. The name Seatoun comes from a locality in Forfarshire,[2] Scotland linked with the family history of James Coutts Crawford, the suburb's founder.


The town is the site of Seatoun school, a primary school established in 1916,[3] and Worser Bay School [4]


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Coordinates: 41°19′S 174°50′E / 41.317°S 174.833°E / -41.317; 174.833