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The Seattle Air Route Traffic Control Center (or ZSE or Seattle Center or Seattle ARTCC) is the area control center responsible for controlling and ensuring proper separation of IFR aircraft in Washington state, most of Oregon, and parts of Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and California, as well as the neighboring area into the Pacific Ocean.

The control center is located at 3101 Auburn Way S, Auburn, Washington, which is 11.5 miles (18.5 km) from SeaTac International, the only Class B airport served by the center.[1]

Airports served[edit]

Class B[edit]

Class C[edit]

The following Class Charlie airports in the Seattle ARTCC have continuously operating control towers:

Class D[edit]

The following are Class Delta airports in the Seattle ARTCC. Those with continuously operating control towers (as opposed to control towers closed during the night) are italicized.

Class E[edit]

The following airports in the Seattle ARTCC airspace are nontowered, Class Echo airports:

  • Arcata
  • Astoria Rgnl
  • Burns
  • Bowerman
  • Bremerton Natl
  • Coeur d'Alene
  • Deer Park
  • Ephrata
  • Fairchild Intl
  • McNamara
  • Newport
  • Pangborn
  • Pullman


Control area[edit]

Map of US ARTCCs

VATSIM representation[edit]

The Seattle ARTCC is represented on the VATSIM network by the VATSIM Seattle ARTCC. The VATSIM Seattle ARTCC performs mostly the same functions as the real Seattle ARTCC, but for the VATSIM flight simulation network. The VATSIM Seattle ARTCC thus works to ensure the separation of flight simulator aircraft piloted by flight enthusiasts from around the world. However, unlike its real-world counterpart, the VATSIM Seattle ARTCC takes direct responsibility for staffing and manning all ATC facilities under its control, including terminal control centers for Class B, C, and D airspace such as at the SeaTac and Portland airports.


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