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Seattle Fire Department
City of Seattle Fire Department Logo.svg
Operational area
Country  United States
State  Washington
City Seattle
Agency overview[1][2]
Annual calls 81,733 (2012)
  • 1,065 total (2012)
  • - 981 uniformed
  • - 84 civilian
Staffing Career
Facilities and equipment[2][3]
Divisions 1
Battalions 5
Stations 34
Engines 32
Trucks 11
Rescues 1
Fireboats 4
Rescue boats 2
Light and air 3
Official website
IAFF website

The Seattle Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the city of Seattle, Washington, United States. The department is responsible for an area of 84 square miles (220 km2), including 193 miles (311 km) of waterfront, with a population of over 634,000.[2]


The Seattle Fire Department got its start as a volunteer fire department that was taken over by the City of Seattle on April 11, 1884.[4] On June 6, 1889 the Great Seattle Fire broke out and destroyed over 64 acres (26 ha) of the city. Insurance investigators charged the city with not having adequately trained firefighters to provide protection for the residents.[4] As a result, the Seattle Fire Department was officially established on October 17, 1889 as a paid professional department.

Fire Stations/Apparatus[edit]

Seattle firefighters put out a cargo container fire in the Port of Seattle.
Seattle Fire Department Engine 25
Seattle Fire Department Ladder 6
Seattle Fire Department Medic 80
Seattle Fire Department Battalion 6

As of June 2015 the department operates out of 34 fire stations spread across the city.[5]

Station # Location Address Apparatus/Callsigns
2 Belltown 2334 4th St. E2, E5, L4, A2, SAFT2
3 Commodore Marina 1735 W Truman St. FB1, FB3
5 Terminal 91 925 Alaskan Way. E4, FB2, FB4, FRB5
6 Central District 405 M L King Jr. Way. S. E6, L3
8 Queen Anne 110 Lee St. E8, L6
9 Fremont 3829 Linden Ave. N. E9
10 Downtown 400 S Washington St. E10, L1, HAZ10, MCI2, A5, A10, AIR9, DEP1, STAF10
11 Highland Park 1514 SW Holden St. E11
13 Beacon Hill 3601 Beacon Ave. S. E13
14 Sodo 3234 4th Ave. S. L7, R1, R80, A14
16 Green Lake 6846 Oswego Pl. NE. E16
17 University District 1050 NE 50th St. E17, L9, B6, M16
18 Ballard 1521 NW Market St. E18, L8, B4, M18, HOSE18
20 Interbay 2800 15th Ave. W. E20
21 Greenwood 7304 Greenwood Ave. N. E21, MCI1
22 Montlake 901 E Roanoke St. E22, COM1
24 Bitter Lake 401 N 130th St. E24, AIR240
25 Capital Hill 1300 E Pine St. E25, L10, A25, B22, MVU1, P25
26 South Park 800 S Cloverdale St. E26, AIR260
27 Georgetown 1000 S Myrtle St. E27, DECON1, MMST, REHAB1, USAR1
28 Rainier Valley 5968 Rainier Ave. S. E28, L12, M28
29 Alki Point 2139 Ferry Ave. SW. E29, B7
30 Mount Baker 2921 S Mount Baker Blvd E30, B5
31 Northgate 1319 N Northgate Way. E31, L5, M31
32 West Seattle 3715 SW Alaska St. E32, L11, M32
33 Rainier Beach 9654 Renton Ave. S. E33
34 Madison Park 633 32nd Ave. E. E34, HOSE34
35 Crown Hill 8729 15th Ave. NW. E35
36 Harbour Island 3600 23rd Ave. SW. E36, MARINE1
37 High Point 770 35th Ave. SW. E37
38 Laurelhurst 4004 NE 55th St. E38, Reserve E85
39 Lake City 3806 NE 127th St. E39, MAB1
40 Wedgwood 9401 35th Ave. NE. E40
41 Magnolia 2416 34th Ave. W. E41
HMC Harborview Medical Center 915th 9th Ave. M1, M10, M44, M45

Apparatus Glossary/Callsigns[edit]

  • Engine (E)
  • Ladder (L)
  • Aid - BLS (A)
  • Air Bottle Unit (AIR9 / AIR10)
  • Battalion Chief (B)
  • Command, Control & Communication Unit (COM1)
  • Decontamination Unit (DECON1)
  • Deputy Chief (DEP1)
  • EMS/Paramedic Supervisor (M44 / M45)
  • Fire Boat (FB)
  • Fire Rescue Boat (FRB)
  • Hazardous Materials Unit (HAZ10)
  • Hose / Foam Wagon (HOSE18 / HOSE34)
  • Marine Incident Unit (MARINE1)
  • Medic - ALS (M)
  • Medical Ambulance Bus (MAB1)
  • Metropolitan Medical Strike Team (MMST)
  • Mobile Air Compressor (AIR240 / AIR260)
  • Mobile Ventilation Unit (MVU1)
  • Multiple Casualty Incident Unit (MCI1 / MCI2)
  • Purple K Unit (P25)
  • Staff & Incident Command System (ICS) Support Unit (STAF10)
  • Safety Chief (SAFT2)
  • Technical Rescue Unit (R)
  • Rehabilitation (REHAB1)
  • Urban Search & Rescue Unit (USAR1)

Notable incidents[edit]

Great Seattle Fire[edit]

Main article: Great Seattle Fire

On June 6, 1889, the Great Seattle Fire broke out in a cabinet shop located at the corner of 1st Avenue and Madison Street.[4] The flames spread rapidly and the small volunteer department was unable to slow the fire with the town's small water systems. By the time the fire was extinguished, 64 acres (26 ha) of homes and businesses had been destroyed.[4]

In popular culture[edit]

  • In the 1965 film, The Slender Thread, starring Sidney Poitier and Anne Bancroft, the Seattle Fire Department dispatch center, as well as the interior of Fire Station # 2 are shown and Aid Unit 2 is seen responding to a report of a suicide attempt.


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