Seattle Retro Gaming Expo

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Seattle Retro Gaming Expo
Status Active
Genre Gaming (videogame, retro)
Venue Seattle Center
Location(s) Seattle, Washington
Inaugurated May 28, 2011; 5 years ago (2011-05-28)
Attendance 500-1500

The Seattle Retro Gaming Expo (SRGE) is a convention held in Seattle, Washington. SRGE was formed by Nathan Martin and Gerald Levinzon with the goal of building a community around Retrogaming in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle Retro Gaming, the organization that runs the expo, is also based in Seattle. It is a commercial, not-for-profit organization that organizes and runs the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo as well as the Question Block Videogame Trivia Night[1] and other events throughout the year.

SRGE 2011[edit]

SRGE 2011 was held at the Hotel Deca from May 28-29 2011.

SRGE 2012[edit]

SRGE 2012 was held at the Bellevue Red Lion from June 16-17 2012.

SRGE 2013[edit]

SRGE 2013 was held at The Northwest Rooms at Seattle Center from July 13-14 2013.

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