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Front page of the April 6, 1917, issue of The Seattle Star, announcing the United States' entrance into World War I

The Seattle Star was a daily newspaper that ran from February 25, 1899,[1] to August 13, 1947. It was owned by E. W. Scripps and in 1920 was transferred to Scripps McRae League of Newspapers (later Scripps-Canfield League), after a falling-out within the Scripps family.[citation needed] The company, which eventually became Scripps League Newspapers, Inc., owned the paper until 1942, when it was sold to a group of local Seattle businessmen including Howard Parrish, its publisher. Soon after the sale, it reverted to its previous broadsheet format after having been a tabloid for a short time. Of the three Seattle general circulation dailies (Seattle Post-Intelligencer and The Seattle Times being the other two), it was the smallest in circulation, although it had been the largest paper in the city around 1900.[citation needed]

For most of its life the paper was known as the "working man's" or "working person's" paper. It was staunchly pro-labor, reflecting the values of E.W. Scripps.[2] In 1919, it became vehemently anti-Japanese, especially toward Japanese-Americans who lived in its vicinity.[3][4]

After World War II, all of its assets minus the building and machinery were sold to The Seattle Times for $360,000 in 1947. Management said the sale was needed because of the rising labor costs and the newsprint shortage.[5][4]


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