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Seattle Steelheads
League affiliation(s)
  • Steelies

The Seattle Steelheads were a Negro league baseball team from Seattle, Washington.


The Steelheads played in the West Coast Negro Baseball League and played their first game on June 1, 1946, against the San Diego Tigers, in front of 2,500 fans at Sick's Stadium. The league folded after a month of play.

Home fields[edit]

Their primary home ballpark was Sick's Stadium. They also planned home games in Tacoma, Bremerton, Spokane, and Bellingham.[1]

MLB throwback jerseys[edit]

The Seattle Mariners honored the Steelheads when they wore 1946 Steelheads uniforms on September 9, 1995, at home against the Kansas City Royals. The Royals wore Kansas City Monarchs uniforms.[2] The Mariners beat the Royals 6-2 in front of 39,157 fans at the Kingdome.[3] The game was attended by former Steelhead player Sherwood Brewer.[4] The Mariners wore a different variety of the Steelheads uniform on May 16, 2015 on "Turn Back the Clock Night" against the Boston Red Sox at Safeco Field,[5] and lost to the Red Sox 4-2.


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