Seaxburh of Wessex

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Queen consort of Wessex
Predecessor Cenwalh
Successor none until Cynethryth (wife of Cædwalla)
Queen regnant of Wessex
Reign c. 672–c.674
Predecessor Cenwalh
Successor Æscwine
Spouse Cenwalh of Wessex
House House of Wessex (by marriage)
Died c. 674

Seaxburh (died c. 674) was a Queen of Wessex. She is also called Queen of the Gewisse, an early name for the tribe which ruled Wessex. She is said to have ruled Wessex for about a year after the death of her husband, Cenwalh, in 672. It was extremely rare for a woman to rule in her own right in Anglo-Saxon England, and she was the only woman to appear in a regnal list. She may have ruled for over a year, as the next reign is entered in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 674.

However, Bede said that after death of Cenwalh "sub-kings took upon themselves the government of the kingdom", so the chroniclers may have tidied up a complicated situation.[1][2]

She was succeeded in about 674 by Æscwine.[3]

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