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Sebaste (Greek: Σεβαστή) was a common placename in classical Antiquity. Sebaste was the Greek equivalent (feminine) of the Latin Augusta. Ancient towns by the name sought to honor Augustus or a later Roman emperor.

Sebaste may refer to:

Places in Turkey[edit]

  • Sivas, a city in Sivas Province
    • as Sebastea or Sebaste di Armenia, a former Metropolitan archbishopric, now a Latin Catholic titular see
  • Sebaste in Phrygia, town of ancient Phrygia, now in Turkey
  • Elaiussa Sebaste, or Sebaste in Cilicia, near modern Ayas, in Mersin Province
  • Cabira, later called Sebaste during Roman times
  • Niksar, in modern Tokat Province, called Sebaste during Roman times
  • Pompeiopolis, later called Sebaste during Roman times

Other places[edit]

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