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Ángel Sebastián Arce (born 19 May 1980 in Santiago del Estero, Argentina) is an Argentine tango dance and teacher.

Sebastián's dancing career began at eight years when he only a child with folklore and tango dancing and as a teenager he already performed on the stages of Buenos Aires. As a dancer, he performed in the dance film Tango by Carlos Saura in 1998. His partner is Mariana Montes. As a teacher he was for 4 years and a half assistant to Juan Carlos Copes in various project, and who inspired him to view tango more like and art form and not just a popular phenomenon. Since 1998 he has been pairing with Mariana Montes. They are traveling to tango festivals around the world for teaching and performing.[1] Their work has taken them to visit since 1999 in more than 140 cities in 35 countries (2011). In February 2009, Sebastián has been named Academico Honorario Itinerante by the Academia Nacional del Tango de la República Argentina from Buenos Aires. Along with Mariana, they created a dance performance Piazzoleando and in collaboration with the famous tango nuevo dancers Mariano Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda they choreographed and danced in the dance performance Exodo Tangueado. He also appears in 2010, in the documentary Ad occhi chiusi by Simonetta Rossi. He lives in Moscow where he teaches tango in regular classes. In September 2011 Sebastián and Mariana launched one of the first online tango schools.


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