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Sebastian Mantilla is a director and screenwriter. In 2004, he directed the Cannes and Sundance selected short film, Con diva (With Diva). Next to Babilonia is his independent film about the Spanish mercenaries during the Iraq War, winner of Best Film award at Madrid Int'l. At the 2008 Film Festival, he was given the Best Director award at the European Independent Film Festival 2009 and screened at Cartagena Film Festival in Colombia.

Recent work includes short films La Guagua, Chunchi and since 2011 he has been directing fashion films such as Vintage Me and Dyadic in London.

Currently in post-production is Island of the Dolls; a psychological horror movie shot in the island of the same name in Xochimilco, Mexico with Isela Vega and Emma Raine Walker in the leads. Mantilla is also in pre-production of Opening Doors, a film written by Palestinian filmmaker and poet Annemarie Jacir to be shot in Qatar.

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