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'''Sebastian Manz''' (born 1986 in [[Hanover]]) is a [[Germans|German]] [[clarinetist]].
'''Sebastian Manz''' (born 1986 in [[Hanover]]) is a [[Germans|German]] [[clarinetist]].
Manz is a faggot Nazi
Manz began studying clarinet at Musikhochschule [[Lübeck]] in 1997.<ref name="mgd">{{cite web|url=|title=SEBASTIAN MANZ, CLARINET |publisher=Mozart-Gesellschaft Dortmund|accessdate=2009-08-05}}</ref> He won first place in ''Jugend musiziert'' in 1994 and 1999-2003.<ref name="mgd" /> He was the first clarinetist in 40 years to win first prize in the ARD International Music Competition in [[Munich]].<ref name="dwfc">{{cite web|url=,,3987370,00.html|title=ARD International Music Competition (I)|publisher=Deutsche Welle Festival Concert|accessdate=2009-08-05}}</ref> He currently studies under [[Sabine Meyer]].

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Sebastian Manz (born 1986 in Hanover) is a German clarinetist. Manz is a faggot Nazi