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Home and Away is an Australian soap opera first broadcast on the Seven Network on 17 January 1988. The following is a list of characters that first appeared in 2001, by order of first appearance. They were all introduced by the show's then executive producer John Holmes. The 14th season of Home and Away began airing on 15 January 2001[1] The first introduction of the year was Alex Poulos in February. Sam Atwell joined the cast as Kane Phillips on 9 April, Kane's brother Scott debuted in the following episode. June saw the respective arrivals of Seb Miller and Flynn Saunders. Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen began playing doctor Charlotte Adams in September. November saw Daniel Collopy join the cast as Josh West and two births occurred; VJ Patterson and Lily Smith.

Alex Poulos[edit]

Alexi "Alex" Poulos', portrayed by Danny Raco, made his first on screen appearance on 26 February 2001 and departed in 2004. Raco returned for a brief guest stint in 2007 and made his final appearance on 19 June 2007. Raco joined the cast in 2001 and his first scenes began airing on 26 February 2001.[2] He quit the serial in late 2003 to pursue a career in directing and his final scenes aired in early 2004.[3] For his portrayal of Alex, Raco was nominated for Most Popular New Male Talent at the 2002 Logie Awards.[4]

Kane Phillips[edit]

Scott Phillips[edit]

Scott Phillips
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Nathaniel Dean (2001)
Josh Rosenthal (2003, 2005)
Duration 2001, 2003, 2005
First appearance 10 April 2001
Last appearance 23 February 2005
Introduced by Julie McGuaran
Classification Former; recurring

Scott Phillips, played by Nathaniel Dean,[5] made his first appearance on-screen during the episode airing on 10 April 2001. When the character returned in 2003, Josh Rosenthal took over the role[6] and Scott made his final appearance on 23 February 2005.

Scott is Kane Phillips' (Sam Atwell) older brother. He begins menacing Nick Smith (Chris Egan) when he damages his motorbike and demands $200. When Jude Lawson (Ben Steel) is accused of beating Kane up for harassing his girlfriend Shauna Bradley (Kylie Watson), Scott attacks him. Scott and Kane then kidnap Shauna and a police siege ensues and Shauna is freed and Scott is jailed.

Two years later, Scott is released and returns to Summer Bay. It emerges that he and Kane were involved in a service station robbery and held Tasha Andrews (Isabel Lucas) hostage. When Scott comes to reclaim the money, Kane tells him it burned up in the Drop-in centre fire but he refuses to believe him and threatens to harm Tasha. Scott then attempts to kidnap Tasha but is quickly foiled. He then holds Flynn Saunders (Joel McIlroy) at gunpoint in his surgery but Flynn overpowers him. Scott then trashes the old Hunter farm and flees the Bay.

Scott reappears in February 2005 when Kane visits him in prison after learning their father Gus (Peter Lamb) visited Scott, revealing details of the robbery he framed Kane for. Scott refuses to tell him anything at first but agrees as long as Kane's lawyer Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) helps him with his own upcoming appeal. Kane stands trial and Scott is called as a witness but immediately lies on the stand, claiming Kane asked him to lie under oath, destroying Kane's defence.

Seb Miller[edit]

Flynn Saunders[edit]

Flynn Saunders, played by Martin Dingle-Wall, made his first appearance on 13 July 2001. Dingle-Wall quit the serial in 2002 and was subsequently replaced by Joel McIlroy in 2003. The character departed following his death on 13 February 2006. The episode featuring Flynn's death won writer, Sam Miekle, the Australian Writers' Guild Award for "Best Episode in a Television Serial" in 2006.[7] For their portrayals of Flynn, Dingle-Wall and McIlroy were nominated for "Most Popular New Male Talent" and "Most Popular Actor" at the 2002 and 2006 Logie Award ceremonies, respectively.[8][9] Flynn's death was voted the second most gripping storyline in a TV Week reader's poll in December 2006.[10] McIlroy's portrayal of Flynn earned him three nominations at the 2006 Inside Soap Awards in the respective categories of "Best Actor", "Best Couple" alongside Co-star Ritchie, and "Best Storyline" for Flynn's death.[11]

Josh West[edit]

Josh West, played by Daniel Collopy, debuted on-screen during late 2001 and departed in 2003. He returned in late 2005 where Josh tried to develop a freeway through town and subsequently became mayor of Summer Bay. He was later accidentally killed in early 2006. In September 2001, Collopy successfully auditioned for the role of Josh and moved from Melbourne to Sydney to begin filming.[12][13] Josh was Collopy's first regular television role and he felt it was a "fantastic opportunity" to work on Home and Away.[14] Network Seven describe Josh as being part of a "high-society family" and initially being "about as laid-back as they come".[15] Collopy was written out of the serial when Josh is murdered in a whodunit storyline. The serial's producers wanted to capitalise on the success of their stalker storyline, which pulled in high viewing figures, by creating a new mystery plot.[16] For his portrayal of Josh, Collopy was nominated for the "Most Popular New Male Talent" Logie Award in 2003.[17] Collopy was nominated for "Best Bad Boy" at the 2006 Inside Soap Awards.[11] Michael Idato of the said that Josh was the "new hottie" in Summer Bay and credited Josh's on-screen romance as transforming Collopy into the "No 1. TV Week coverboy".[18]

VJ Patterson[edit]

Vincent "VJ" Patterson, Jr., played by Felix Dean, made his first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 30 November 2001. From his introduction, VJ has been played by eleven different child actors.[19] These include Carlo Teodorowych, Jack Monger, Max Theoharis, Marcus Spinetti, Jack Riddle, Harry Roberts, James Roberts, Nicholas Stevens, Cameron Stevens and Cooper Scott.[19] Felix Dean was cast in the role in 2007.[20] For his portrayal of VJ, Dean has been nominated for Best Young Actor at the 2008 and 2009 Inside Soap Awards.[21][22] VJ's name has been a source of amusement to some critics, with one calling him "unfortunately named" and another believing that he was named after an "early model Holden".[23]

Lily Smith[edit]

Lily Smith
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Harriet Tapley and Simone Medici (2001–02)
Carlo Teodorowych
Marcus Spinetti
Geoffrey Fois
Tahlia Thorpe
Ciara Sowden
Jasmine Sowden (2002)
Claudia and Olivia Jenkins (2003)
Charlie Rose MacLennan (2010–11)
Duration 2001–02, 2003, 2010–11
First appearance 30 November 2001
Last appearance 13 October 2011
Introduced by Julie McGuaran
Cameron Welsh (2010)
Classification Former; recurring
Other names Lily Nash
Occupation Student
Home Queensland

Lily Smith (née Nash) made her first appearance on 30 November 2001, following her birth. She was played by Harriet Tapley and Simone Medici.[24] Twins Claudia and Olivia Jenkins assumed the role of Lily for one episode in 2003 and when the character returned to the serial in 2010, she was portrayed by Charlie Rose MacLennan.[25] MacLennan began appearing as Lily from 14 October. She commented that she was initially starstruck when she first arrived on the set, saying "I knew everyone's face and I expected them to be exactly like their characters, but they're definitely not."[25]

Lily is born to Gypsy Nash (Kimberley Cooper) and Will Smith (Zac Drayson) when their car breaks on a roadside down en route to Northern Districts Hospital and Will delivers Lily. Will and Gypsy marry in a ceremony on the beach before they leave Summer Bay for Queensland. Lily is seen again when her uncle Nick (Chris Egan) visits Will in Queensland after being accused of assaulting Angie Russell (Laurie Foell). Lily gains a sister when her parents adopt Rachel McGregor (Sara Mumcu) who has been living with them for a while.

Lily returns with Will to visit Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) and she is happy to see them. Will reveals the reason for this visit; his marriage to Gypsy has broken down following his infidelity with another woman. When Will's reconciliation with Gypsy fails, he trashes the Beach House, to Lily's fright. Lily meets VJ Patterson (Felix Dean), who was born on the same day as her and they make a plan to run away to see Elijah Johnson (Jay Laga'aia) in Africa. Along the way to the airport they are picked up by hitch-hiker Gary (Keith Agus) who gives them a lift but they get frightened when he suggests they go to his house first and run away. VJ and Lily are found by detectives Robert Robertson (Socrattis Otto) and Detective Graves (Eryn-Jean Norvill) and return to their respective parents Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) and Will. Lily falls ill and Will takes her away from the bay but Irene encourages him to bring her back. Lily falls sicker and Will tells Irene to look after her but is arrested before he can get away. When Will is revealed as Penn Graham's (Christian Clark) killer, he is remanded in custody and Lily is returned to Gypsy.

Lily and Gypsy return several months later to visit Irene following her cancer diagnosis and help look after her. Gypsy's new boyfriend Mark Gilmour (Shane Emmett) arrives and it is clear that he and Lily do not get on very well. Mark later suggests sending Lily to boarding school, but Gypsy disagrees with the idea. Gypsy and Mark's relationship ends after Lily learns Gypsy had sex with Liam Murphy (Axel Whitehead) and tells Mark. Irene tells Gypsy to leave and she and Lily return to Queensland.


Date(s) Character Actor Circumstances
15 January Reverend Wardosrski Dean Nottie[26] Wardorski presides over the funeral of Ailsa Stewart (Judy Nunn).
25 January–17 July 2002 Stella Patterson Tina Bursill[27] Stella is Vinnie Patterson's (Ryan Kwanten) mother who arrives ahead of Vinnie's wedding to Leah Poulos (Ada Nicodemou). She mistakes Leah for Vinnie's cleaning lady upon first meeting her and later clashes with Leah's father Theo (Silvio Ofria) over plans for the ceremony. Stella and Theo 's interference is enough to prompt Vinnie to think twice about the wedding but he and Leah decide to persevere and Stella and Theo back off. Stella attends the wedding and shares a kiss with Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) at the reception much to the chagrin of his son Duncan (Brendan McKensy). Stella also attends her grandson VJ's christening and frequently babysits him.
1–7 February Desiree Upton Simone Robertson Desiree is a friend of Gypsy Nash (Kimberley Cooper) from TAFE. She is attracted to Gypsy and kisses her while in the kitchen at the Drop-in centre, which Dani Sutherland (Tammin Sursok) witnesses. News of the kiss spreads and Desiree realises Gypsy is using her to prove a point to Shelley Sutherland (Paula Forrest) and confronts her over it.
1–21 February Hamish "Woody" Woodford Chris Foy Woody enrols at Summer Bay High after being expelled from Yabbie Creek. Brodie Hanson (Susie Rugg) befriends him after other students either avoid or make fun of him. Mitch McColl (Cameron Welsh) is annoyed with the amount of time Brodie is spending with Woody. Woody mistakes Brodie's friendship for something more and tries kiss her, scaring her off. Brodie tries to make between Woody and Mitch ahead of the school talent show but their collaboration fails after both boys have different ideas. After Woody's poem "Black Dogs" does not go down well at the talent show, he begins writing the names of all of those he has a grudge against in a book. Ahead of class, he hands Mitch a bullet telling him he is lucky to be late for class. Woody then takes Brodie, Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie), Dani Sutherland (Tammin Sursok) and an entire class hostage with a gun and a siege ensues. The police are called in and Woody's father Ian is asked to talk to him but he berates him for his behaviour. Woody becomes more agitated when one of his frightened captives will not stop crying. Sally tries to tackle him for the gun and discovers it is a fake. Woody is then subdued and arrested.
12–21 February Ian Woodford Wayne Pygram Ian is the father of Hamish "Woody" Woodford (Chris Foy). He refuses to see that his son needs psychiatric help. When Woody begins a siege at Summer Bay High, the police ask Ian if he can reason with him but he berates him for his actions. Ian then orders Shelley Sutherland (Paula Forrest) to leave when she visits his wife Louise (Mary Allen), who suffers from the same psychological problems as Woody.
15–16 February Morrie Sanders Peter Brownie Morrie is Mitch McColl's (Cameron Welsh) uncle. He tracks him down via a Private Investigator and reveals his identity. He tells Mitch that his Grandmother is dying in New Zealand and he stands to inherit some money. After mulling it over, Mitch joins Morrie in New Zealand permanently.
26 February–8 March Holly Loader Clare Flanaghan Holly is Jude Lawson's (Ben Steel) ex-girlfriend. She arrives to cause havoc in his life by telling Jude that his brother Noah (Beau Brady) tried to seduce her when they were still together resulting in Jude throwing Noah out. Further problems are caused when Chris Poulos (Alex Blias) invites Holly to his sister Leah's wedding reception, sparking ire from Jude. Holly clashes with Noah's girlfriend, Hayley Smith (Bec Cartwright).
6 March–26 February 2009 Helen Poulos Peta Toppano
Ann-Maria Monticelli
Helen is the mother of Leah Poulos (Ada Nicodemou) and her brothers, Dimitri (Salvatore Coco), Chris (Alex Blias) and Alex (Danny Raco). She and her husband Theo (Silvio Ofria) arrive in Summer Bay ahead of Leah's wedding to Vinnie Patterson (Ryan Kwanten).
6–7 March Christina Poulos Barbara Gouskos Christina, her father Con (Nicholas Papademetriou) and her son Petro (Erieta Tseztsimis; Andriano Cassinat) arrive in Summer Bay ahead of Leah Poulos's (Ada Nicodemou) wedding to Vinnie Patterson (Ryan Kwanten).
Petro Poulos Erieta Tseztsimis
Andriano Cassinati
6–8 March Con Poulos Nicholas Papademetriou Con is the brother of Theo Poulos (Silvio Ofria) and Uncle to Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Dimitri (Salvatore Coco), Chris (Alex Blias) and Alex Poulos (Danny Raco). He visits the bay for Leah's wedding to Vinnie Patterson (Ryan Kwanten). At the reception, he argues with Alex and Theo over Alex's employment and Theo's business practices.
7 March Effie Melina Clark Effie is the sister of Christina Poulos (Barbara Gouskous)
12 March–12 April Geoff Webb John Sheerin Geoff is Shelley Sutherland's (Paula Forrest) father. He arrives to stay with the Sutherlands and brings his girlfriend, Linda (Cathy Campbell) with him. Shelley takes a dislike to Linda and argues with Geoff about leaving her mother Avril (Suzanne Dudley) for Linda. Geoff decides to leave and when a storm approaches and his boat is missing from the wharf, the family fear the worst but he returns safe and well. Geoff and Avril mend their differences and then leave the Bay.
12–23 March Linda Cathy Campbell Linda is Geoff Webb's (John Sheerin) girlfriend. She arrives to with him to stay with his daughter Shelley Sutherland (Paula Forrest) but feels unwelcome and leaves. Linda then returns to break up with Geoff after she does not share his vision of settling in the Bay.
14 March–3 April Toni Davidson Rowan Witt[28] Toni hides out in Hayley Smith's (Bec Cartwright) car and runs away when she and Noah Lawson (Beau Brady) discover her. Tom Nash (Graeme Squires) finds Toni in a caravan and tries to catch her but she hits him with crate a and runs away. Toni then arrives at the Drop-in centre and Shelley Sutherland attends to her. After initially thinking Toni is a boy due to her appearance, Noah discovers she is a girl. Toni's father John comes looking for her and tries to take her back home but he is foiled by her grandfather, Leo (Bill Charlton) and Rhys Sutherland (Michael Beckley). John is arrested and Toni later reveals to Shelley that John abused her.
14 March–2 April Leo Davidson Bill Charlton Leo is Toni Davidson's (Rowan Witt) grandfather. He is seen chasing Toni, and warns Noah Lawson (Beau Brady) and Hayley Smith off his land. Leo turns nasty when Shelley Sutherland (Paula Forrest) investigates the reason why Toni is so scared of Leo. He and Toni reconcile. When Leo's son John (Sean Dennehy) snatches Toni, Leo chases after them and a scuffle ensues. Rhys Sutherland is able to subdue John and he is arrested. Leo and Toni then return home.
14 March–10 April Andrew Moffatt Anthony Burke Andrew is Gypsy Nash's (Kimberley Cooper) lecturer from TAFE. He threatens to sue her when Gypsy alleges that he is the father of her unborn baby.
29 March–20 April Melissa Hill Bianca Sulkowicz Melissa is a friend of Jade Sutherland's (Kate Garven) from Ballet Class.
29 March Tonya Sharni Vinson Tonya attends the same Ballet class in the city as Jade Sutherland and Melissa Hill and picks on Jade for being out of practice.
30 March–2 April John Davidson Sean Dennehy[29] John is Toni Davidson's (Rowan Witt) father. He tries to drag her back home but his father Leo (Bill Charlton) and Rhys Sutherland (Michael Beckley) foil him. Toni then reveals to the police that John has been abusing her.
11–12 April Avril Webb Suzanne Dudley Avril is the mother of Shelley Sutherland (Paula Forrest). She arrives in Summer Bay in order to reconcile her marriage to Geoff (John Sheerin).
11–27 April Skye Patterson Angela Keep Skye is Vinnie Patterson's (Ryan Kwanten) cousin. She arrives to stay with Vinnie and his wife Leah (Ada Nicodemou). Skye attracts the attentions of Leah's brother Alex Poulos (Danny Raco) and when he asks her out, she stands him up. Skye then kisses Noah Lawson (Beau Brady) at his girlfriend Hayley Smith's (Bec Cartwright) 18th birthday party. Vinnie's patience with Skye begins to run out and she decides to leave but not before a shopping trip with Leah.
10–24 May Jill Lawson Tracy Mann Jill is the mother of Jude (Ben Steel) and Noah Lawson (Beau Brady). She reappears in her son's life after years of estrangement due to her religious extremism. Noah is not pleased to see her and Hayley Smith tries to mend things but ultimately makes them worse. Jill also clashes with Jude and meddles in his relationship with Shauna Bradley (Kylie Watson) and prompts more worry when Hayley is drawn to her. Noah and Jude visit Reverend Bailey (William Usic) who tells them their mother needs psychiatric help and the three of them try to convince Jill to get help. At first Jill is reluctant but she realises in order to have any relationship with her sons, she needs help and accepts.
22 May–1 June Patrick Curl Kip Gamblin Patrick attends Yabbie Creek TAFE with Gypsy Nash (Kimberley Cooper). He asks Gypsy out on a date and when she tells him she is pregnant, he tells her he will be there for both her and the baby. They go on the date but Gypsy is distracted and she explains that Will Smith (Zac Drayson) is in a relationship with someone else and that she would reunite with him if the relationship broke up. Patrick understands and he and Gypsy part on good terms.
22 May–12 June David Barclay Jimmy Sergeant David is a new student at Summer Bay High who Jade Sutherland (Kate Garven) befriends. Jade's boyfriend, Duncan Stewart (Brendan McKensy) takes a dislike to David when he discovers David's, Richard (Terence Crawford) developments caused the mudslide the previous year that cost Duncan and his family their home, as well as many other residents. Jade assures David is not his fault but he receives harassment from other students over it. Following Jade and Duncan's break-up, Jade begins spending more time with David, angering Duncan. Duncan attempts attack David with a bomb, but it backfires and injures him instead. Richard then sends David back to his school in the city and they leave.
7–11 June Richard Barclay Terence Crawford Richard is David Barclay's (Jimmy Sergeant) father. He finds an injured Duncan Stewart (Brendan McKensy) outside his house after a mailbomb prank on David backfires. Richard then sends David back to his boarding school in the city.
21 June–6 July Anna Miller Elizabeth Maywald Anna is Seb Miller's (Mitch Firth) mother. They arrive in Summer Bay looking for work. Jude Lawson Ben Steel) hires Anna to work for him, cleaning at Summer Bay High. Anna and Seb begin squatting in an abandoned van at the Caravan Park and are quickly discovered by Kirsty Sutherland. Kirsty agrees to hide them but her father Rhys (Michael Beckley) catches and chases them off. Anna later collapses at work and is rushed to hospital. It is revealed she is dying of cancer. Anna's condition deteriorates and before she dies, she reveals to Seb that his father is Alan Fisher (Simon Bossell), the late son of Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn).
23 July–16 August Aidan Bradley Ben Mortley Aidan is Shauna Bradley's (Kylie Watson) adoptive Brother. He begins dating Hayley Smith (Bec Hewitt) following her break-up with Noah Lawson (Beau Brady). Aidan begins to exhibit a degree of control of Hayley by getting her to dress in clothes he wants her to wear and having him do what he wants her to do. Noah and Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) warn Hayley but she will not listen until Gypsy Nash (Kimberley Cooper) shows how much of a control freak Aidan is. Hayley then gets her own back by humiliating Aidan at a corporate lunch by making modifications to a dress Aidan wanted to her to wear.
24 July–23 October 2002 Julius Peters Leslie Brock Julius is a classmate of Nick Smith (Chris Egan), Seb Miller (Mitch Firth), Jade (Kate Garven) and Kirsty Sutherland (Christie Hayes). Jade and Julius go on a date but she is clearly uninterested in him. Julius is also involved during a bus crash on a Year 10 field trip the following year. Several months later, Julius auditions for a lead in the Rock Eisteddfod but is unsuccessful and is given a background role.
3 August–10 July 2003 Simone Harris Chelsea Yates Simone briefly dates Nick Smith (Chris Egan), much to the chagrin of Jade Sutherland (Kate Garven) who recently rejected Nick. Simone's relationship with Nick comes to an end after she insults Jade. She later bids on Seb Miller (Mitch Firth) at the slave auction, to the annoyance of Jade's sister, Kirsty (Christie Hayes). Simone and Jade become friends but the friendship breaks down when Jade and Nick get together and Simone feels like she was used in order to aid the relationship. Simone appears sparingly throughout the next year and a half including auditioning for a part in the Rock Eisteddfod; accusing Nick of attacking Angie Russell (Laurie Foell) and appearing at Donald Fisher's (Norman Coburn) farewell.
13 August–27 September Matt Lowe Steve Matthews Lowe is an inspector from the local Council who discovers electrical faults and White Ants at the Sarah McKay Drop-in centre. He later assures Shelley Sutherland (Paula Forrest) that the centre will stay open for the foreseeable future.
30 August–4 September Robbie Jameison Rupert Evans Robbie is a concierge at a hotel in London when the Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger), Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn) and the Smith siblings visit for Donald's book launch. Robbie shows an interest in Hayley Smith (Bec Hewitt) and shows her around the city. Robbie falls for Hayley but she ends the relationship by saying things would not work long distance.
31 August-3 September James Cooper Rod Hallett[30] James is Public Relations representative for the UK publishing house responsible for Donald Fisher's (Norman Coburn) book letter to Byron.
4–5 September Heidi McIntyre Aimee Moffatt[31] Heidi is a music reviewer from the city who comes to see a performance from the band containing Flynn Saunders (Martin Dingle-Wall), Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie), Jude Ben Steel) and Noah Lawson (Beau Brady). Heidi has a short-lived fling with Alex Poulos (Danny Raco) much to the dismay of Alex's ex-girlfriend (Brodie Hanson).
7 September Gary Ian Hodson Gary is Jan Hanson's (Genevieve Sulway) ex-boyfriend. He arrives when Jan and her daughter Brodie (Susie Rugg) are having lunch and asks Jan to give their relationship another try and she agrees. Brodie asks Jan why is she taking Gary back and Jan blames her for their break-up and then leaves with Gary.
12 September–23 November Miles Alcott Steven Rooke Miles is a friend of Alex Poulos (Danny Raco) who arrives to stay with him. Miles meets Brodie Hanson (Susie Rugg) on the beach and agree to have a date. Alex, who has recently broken up with Brodie, witnesses the date and Brodie leaves. However, Alex assures Miles he is fine with him dating Brodie even though it is clear he is not. Miles and Alex fall out but reconcile before Miles leaves to study in Italy. Several months later, Miles returns the Bay for the school formal and brings Brodie a necklace as a present. They dress up as Marc Anthony and Cleopatra. On the way home from the formal, Alex, who is driving hits a pothole and the car veers off the road and hits a tree. Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) finds them and goes for help. Charlotte Adams (Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen) tries her best to resuscitate Miles but he dies at the scene. Miles appears to Brodie as a vision in her dreams telling her to let go of him. A Bench is erected in Miles' memory at the headland and Alex is found Not Guilty at the Inquest.
17 September–6 August 2002 Dr. Carlingford Alan Faulkner Carlingford is a senior doctor at Northern Districts Hospital who is Charlotte Adams' (Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen superior. He frequently scolds her over her work and clashes with her over hospital matters. Carlingford attends to Kane Phillips (Sam Atwell), Shelley (Paula Forrest) and Kirsty Sutherland (Christie Hayes) following the Mirgini disaster and later advises Charlotte against taking maternity leave as it may harm her career. He is left stunned when Charlotte tenders her resignation.
25 September–9 May 2003 Gladys Adams Moya O'Sullivan[32] Gladys is Charlotte Adams' (Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen) grandmother who lives with her. She wanders downstairs into Jude Lawson and Noah Lawson's (Beau Brady) flat, thinking it is hers. After Gladys nearly burns down their flat, Charlotte suggests that she moves into a retirement home. Gladys is next seen when Nick Smith) (Chris Egan) begins working at the home after being sentenced to community service. Gladys complains of abuse from a staff member, which is ignored, but Nick and Seb Miller (Mitch Firth) do some investigating and uncover the nurse who is abusing Gladys.
25 September–2 November Jim Tyler Shane Porteous[33] Jim is found sleeping on the beach by Brodie Hanson (Susie Rugg) and Dani Sutherland) (Tammin Sursok). He later comes to Brodie's rescue when she is attacked by a dog at the caravan park. Dani's father Rhys (Michael Beckley) invites Jim around for dinner in gratitude and offers him accommodation in a spare van in exchange for some odd jobs. Jim falls sick and upon his release from hospital, principal Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn) recognises him as a qualified professor and asks him to cover some classes for a short while. Jim's methods prove outdated and after being taunted by Nick Smith (Chris Egan), he suffers a nervous breakdown and is transferred to a city hospital. It is later discovered that Jim had accidentally run over his toddler son, Dean, fifteen years earlier.
1–17 October Steve Kent Don Hany[34] Steve is the boyfriend of Charlotte Adams (Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen). Their relationship is an uneasy one as Steve hits Charlotte. She forgives him however and they resume things much to the horror of Jude Lawson Ben Steel). After Steve has another violent outburst at Charlotte, she finishes with him and leaves.
9 October–14 February 2006 Ashley Saunders Zoe Ella[33] Ashley is the younger sister of Flynn Saunders (Martin Dingle-Wall). Following the death of her and Flynn's mother, Ashley runs away and begins taking heroin. Flynn finds her in a Squat after several false leads and brings her back to Summer Bay. Flynn tries to rehabilitate Ashley himself but it proves challenging but there is a small breakthrough. However, Ashley's habit gets the better of her and she breaks into Colleen Smart's (Lyn Collingwood) mobile home and steals some money to get her fix from a local dealer. Terry, Ashley's previous dealer comes looking for her and she tries to get away from him. After seeing the extent of Ashley's problems, Dani Sutherland (Tammin Sursok) organises a drug-free event featuring some Wallabies players. Ashley improves and later returns home to her father John (Bill Charlton). Ashley and John return several years later for Flynn's funeral following his death of cancer.
9–25 October Terry Keiran Darcy-Smith [35] Terry is Ashley Saunders' (Zoe Ella) pimp and drug dealer. When Ashley's brother Flynn (Martin Dingle-Wall) comes looking for her, Terry threatens him away. When Terry chases Ashley into the drop-in centre, he shoves Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie), injuring her in the process.
17 October–11 March 2003 Maggie Smart Elizabeth & Jamie Chambers
Alyssa & Brianna Dwight
Maggie is the daughter of Lance (Peter Vroom) and Debbie Smart (Kelly Butler). Lance brings Maggie to visit her grandmother Colleen (Lyn Collingwood) when he and Debbie have marital problems. Maggie is next seen when Lance and Debbie return for Colleen's book launch.
9 November–14 February 2006 John Saunders Bill Charlton John is the father of Flynn Saunders (Martin Dingle-Wall). He arrives in Summer Bay to check up on Flynn's sister, Ashley (Zoe Ella) and convinces her to return to the city with him. John later attends Flynn's wedding to Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) in 2003 and Flynn's funeral in 2006.
19–26 November Inspector Fraser Angelean Milner Fraser interviews Alex Poulos (Danny Raco) following a car crash that leaves Miles Alcott (Steven Rooke) dead. A week later, she takes a statement from Brodie Hanson (Susie Rugg), who was in the car with Alex and Miles.
20 November–16 May 2002 Lara Rogers Charde Doherty Lara is a student at Summer Bay High. Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) notice Lara is becoming visibly tired in class, falling behind with her work and looking rough. When Seb Miller (Mitch Firth) finds Lara asking other students for sandwiches he realises there is something wrong. Flynn Saunders (Martin Dingle-Wall) finds Lara eating someone's leftovers at the diner and tries to help but Lara rejects his help. Flynn and Sally discover Lara's home life is chaotic and after a visit, she threatens to call the police but later apologises. After speaking with Lara's mother, Lindy (Gabrielle Adkins), Sally offers to help tutor her. The following year, Lara and Seb begin dating but it does not last very long before Seb's feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Kirsty Sutherland (Christie Hayes) resurface and Lara dumps him.
21–23 November Billy Leon Stripp Billy is a friend of Josh West (Daniel Collopy) who arrives in town for Schoolies.
27 November Kelly Rogers Bronte Doherty Kelly is the younger sister of Lara Rogers (Charde Doherty). When Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) and Flynn Saunders (Martin Dingle-Wall) visit Lara at home, she tells them that she does not speak to strangers.
28 November Lindy Rogers Gabrielle Adkins Lindy is the mother of Lara (Charde Doherty) and Kelly (Bronte Doherty).


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