Sebastiano Mocenigo

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Sebastiano Mocenigo
Doge of Venice
Reign24 August 1722 – 21 May 1732
Born29 August 1662
Died21 May 1732 (1732-05-22) (aged 69)
Full name
Alvise III Sebastiano Mocenigo

Alvise III Sebastiano Mocenigo (1662–1732) was the 112th Doge of Venice from 1722 to 1732. He was also Provveditore Generale (Governor) of Venetian Dalmatia twice.


Venetian blazon in Corfu, dedicated to Sebastiano Alvise Mocenigo

Born into one of the most important families (the House of Mocenigo) of the Venetian aristocracy, he was a famous Doge of the Republic of Venice in the 18th century, when the power of Venice started to decline. He dedicated his political life to defending Venetian possessions in the Balkans from the Ottoman Empire. When the second Ottoman siege of Corfu occurred in 1716, he was mainly responsible for strengthening Venetian fortifications that successfully resisted the attack.

In 1696 he was named Provveditore generale di Dalmazia until 1702, then again from 1717 to 1720. During his second tenure, he managed to extend Venetian Dalmatia into the hinterland, taking the areas of Signo, Imoschi and Vrgorac. These gains were confirmed in the Treaty of Passarowitz, and the new border with the Ottoman Empire was named Linea Mocenigo (Mocenigo Line) after him.[1][2]

Two years later he was elected Doge: he reigned for ten years until his death in 1732.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Giovanni II Cornaro
Doge of Venice
Succeeded by
Carlo Ruzzini