Sebilj in Sarajevo

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Sebilj 2016.jpg
Sebilj in 2016 after main square reconstruction in 2015.
General information
Town or citySarajevo
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates43°51′35″N 18°25′52″E / 43.859674°N 18.431218°E / 43.859674; 18.431218
Design and construction
ArchitectMehmed Pasha Kukavica

The Sebilj is a Ottoman-style wooden fountain (sebil) in the centre of Baščaršija square in Sarajevo built by Mehmed Pasha Kukavica in 1753. It was relocated by Austrian architect Alexander Wittek in 1891.[1]


A multi-national collaborative public arts project created a life-size contemporary interpretation of the famous public fountain and landmark in Birmingham, using traditional Bosnian design and craft techniques and combined with modern digital technology.[2][3][4]

There is a replica of Sarajevo's Sebilj in Belgrade, Serbia, donated by the city of Sarajevo in 1989.[5] Another replica in St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States, was donated by the Bosnian community to the city of St. Louis for the city's 250th birthday.[6] A third replica is in Novi Pazar, also a gift from the city of Sarajevo.

In 2018, another replica of the Sebilj has been completed in the city of Rožaje, Montenegro.


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