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Seckel Isaac Fränkel (1765–1835) was a German-Jewish communal activist and scholar. In 1818, when the new Hamburg Temple was formally inaugurated, Fränkel, with Meyer Israel Bresselau, published a new prayer book for the Temple, considered the first Reform liturgy.[1][2]

He was also the first to translate most of the Jewish apocrypha from Greek into Hebrew (1830).


  • כתובים אחרונים ("Later Scriptures") Ketuvim aḥaronim: ha-noda`im be-shem Apoḳrifa asher lo nod`u... (Latin: Hagiographa posteriora: denominata Apocrypha, hactenus Israelitis ignota, nunc autem e textu Gracco in linguam Hebraicam convertit atque in lucem emisit Seckel Isaac Fraenkel), Leipzig, 1830

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