Second Battle of Adrianople

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Second Battle of Adrianople
Part of the Second Balkan War
Date 21 July 1913
Location Adrianople, Kingdom of Bulgaria
(present day Turkey)
Result Ottoman Victory
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire Kingdom of Bulgaria Kingdom of Bulgaria
Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Enver Pasha
250,000 +[1] "weak demonstration force"[2]

The Second Battle of Adrianople (Turkish: Edirne'nin kurtulușu, known as the Liberation of Edirne in Turkey) was a minor conflict during the Second Balkan War. The conflict was between the Kingdom of Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire and was fought on 21 July 1913.

When the Second Balkan War began, the Ottoman Empire looked to regain its lost territories from Bulgaria. Enver Pasha led an army to take back Adrianople, which it had lost a few months prior. Since Bulgaria needed to pull many troops from Adrianople to fight against Serbia and Greece, the remaining troops were greatly outnumbered by the advancing Turks and preferred to retreat without a fight. Enver Pasha continued to march deeper into Bulgarian territory, but was ordered to stop by the Sultanate due to pressure from the Great Powers.[4]



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