Second Battle of Bud Dajo

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Second Battle of Bud Dajo
Part of the Moro Rebellion
Date December 18–26, 1911
Location Bud Dajo, Jolo Island, Philippines
Result United States victory; total annexation of the Philippines
 United States Late 19th Century Flag of Sulu.svg Moro rebels
Commanders and leaders
John J. Pershing
1,256[1]:225 800[1]:225
Casualties and losses
3 wounded[1]:226 12[1]:226

The Second Battle of Bud Dajo was a counter insurgency action fought by American soldiers against native Moros in December 1911, during the Moro Rebellion phase of the Philippine-American War.

On November 11, 1909, Major General John J. Pershing assumed his duties as governor of the Moro province. On September 8, 1911, he issued Executive Order No. 24, which ordered the complete disarmament of all Moros; American forces had been plagued with juramentado and amok attacks and Pershing saw total disarmament as the solution. The deadline for disarmament was December 1, 1911.[2]

The attempted enforcement of this order brought about the Second Battle of Bud Dajo. In December 1911, an estimated 800 Moros fortified the top of the dormant volcano. Pershing, realizing the Moros had not time to provision their fortress, used two infantry battalions, a machine gun platoon, six troops of the 2nd Cavalry, a field artillery battery, five companies of the Philippine Scouts, and a company of Moro Constabulary.[1]:225 Pershing, through negotiations, succeeded in persuading the majority of the assembled Moros to return home.[1]:226

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