Second Battle of Charasiab

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Battle of Charasiab
Part of the Second Anglo-Afghan War
Date 25 April 1880
Location Charasiab, Afghanistan
Result Decisive British Victory
United KingdomBritish Empire Afghans
Commanders and leaders
United Kingdom Brigadier-General MacPherson

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The Second Battle of Charasiab was fought on 25 April 1880 between the British and Afghans during the Second Anglo-Afghan War.

A force led by Colonel Jenkins found itself surrounded by the Logaris near Charasiab. An infantry column led by MacPherson, and accompanied by a Cavalry brigade and four horse artillery guns, was sent to support Jenkins. Upon their arrival the Afghans were routed and were pursued by the cavalry and horse artillery for four miles.

Order of battle[edit]

British Regiments[edit]


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