Second Chance (novel)

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For the Left Behind novel, see Second Chance (Left Behind: The Kids).
Second Chance
Author Danielle Steel
Country United States
Language E hinglish
Genre Novel
Publisher Random House
Publication date
June 2004
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 240 pp
ISBN 978-0-385-33635-2
OCLC 52341389
813/.54 21
LC Class PS3569.T33828 E53 2004

Second Chance is a novel by Danielle Steel, published by Random House in June 2004. The book is Steel's sixty-third novel.


Editor-in-chief of a successful fashion magazine, Fiona Monaghan lives a high flying life, flitting between cities following her passion for fashion. Fiona is content to live her life with only her dog, Sir Winston shares her bed until she met John Anderson.

After a world wind romance over several continents, Fiona opens up her heart for John, a widowed father of two young adult daughters. As the two plan their life together, it all begins to unravel disastrously from being hated by John's two daughters to ruining a business dinner with John's biggest client. Just as their love seems to be down and out, a surprise event gives them a second chance.

(Main)Characters list[edit]

  • Fiona Monaghan
  • John Anderson
  • Adrian Wicks