Second Chance Heroes

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Second Chance Heroes
Developer(s)Rocket City Studios
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation Network
February 17, 2014
Microsoft Windows, OS X
July 4, 2014
PlayStation Network
September 30, 2014
Genre(s)Action role-playing, hack and slash
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Second Chance Heroes is a 2014 action role-playing hack and slash video game by Canadian indie developer Rocket City Studios that revolves around clones of historical figures fighting enemy forces in an apocalyptic arena. It was released on July 4, 2014. Shortly after the games release it was removed from all app stores and digital marketplaces. The reason is currently unknown as the developers lips have remained tightly sealed.[1]


The game will feature a variety of clones of historical figures including Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Napoleon and Elizabeth I, to name a few, as they fight their way through swarms of enemies during 26 apocalyptic levels.


Character Weapon Abilities
Abraham Lincoln Chainsaw I SAW What You Did There:
This Union isn't going to preserve itself! Fire up Abe's faithful chainsaw - Old Sweetness - and start mowin' down bad guys.
Hail to the Chief, Baby:
Honest Abe becomes a tornado of furious, chainsawing death! While active, this ability allows Lincoln to move around, dealing heavy area of effect damage and powerful knock-backs to affected targets.
Joan of Arc Broadsword Righteous Fury:
Keep monsters, ghouls and other unholy rabble at bay with this powerful melee ability. Joan of Arc's massive two-handed broadsword gives her extra range when attacking.
Leap of Faith:
Surprisingly agile for someone in full plate armor, Joan of Arc dives forward, damaging enemies and unleashing a burst of rejuvenating light that heals her allies.
Napoleon Bonaparte Blunderbuss and Cannon I'm On a Roll (and a Cannon):
Surveying the battlefield from high atop his mobile command post, Napoleon uses his powerful blunderbuss pistol to attack his foes. Does arcing area of effect damage at mid-range.
Line 'em Up, Knock 'em Down:
Napoleon unleashes the UNBRIDLED POWER OF FRENCHNESS. Also, he fires a cannonball. Hits multiple targets in a straight line.
Queen Elizabeth I Minigun Chain, Chain, Chaingun:
It takes a tough Queen to make a tender zombie. Elizabeth uses her beloved Royal Machine Gun to fire torrents of hot lead into the oncoming hordes. With unlimited ammo, why even take your finger off the trigger?
Rule Britannia!:
Summons the glorious spirit of Mother England to provide pulsing area of effect healing for any friendly characters that approach the flag.
Nikola Tesla Electricity Assault and Batteries:
Tesla fires a powerful bolt of electricity at his enemies, careful frying them to a crisp. Hits a primary target, then arcs off to strike two nearby monsters.
Who Ya Gonna Call?:
Tesla deploys a ground-targeted gadget that stuns nearby monsters. Then - like all good inventions - it EXPLODES. Nearby allies are also briefly EMPOWERED with electrical energy!
Julius Caesar Daggers Stabby, Stabby:
Caesar is a dagger-flinging fiend! This fast, precise ranged attack is ideal for picking off monsters from a distance.
Great Caesar's Ghost!:
Et tu, zombies? Caesar feigns death and becomes a spectral shade of his former self. This makes him invisible to monsters and lets him flash quickly from target to target.
Blackbeard Cutlass Shiver Me Timbers!:
Someone's been dunking his cutlass in high-octane rum again. Blackbeard uses his blazing sword to slash through enemies with this arcing melee attack.
Get Over H'YARRR!!!:
Blackbeard summons a spectral anchor and uses it to drag enemies toward himself. It also stuns affected targets, making it easy to cut them down to size.
Marie Curie Radioactive Energy 20/20 Vision:
Who says exposure to massive doses of radiation is bad for you? Madame Curie taps into her radiant core and fires powerful beams of radioactive doom from her eyes.
Get Off My Lawn:
She's had JUST about enough of this noise and kerfuffle. Madame Curie rises up from the ground, building up ATOMIC FURY. The she unleashes it with EXPLOSIVE results!
Montezuma Dual Blades Montezuma's Revenge:
No time for drive-thru, Montezuma's too busy hacking his foes to bits with his terrifying, dual-wielded blades!
A Cut Above:
Montezuma does a spinning leap attack, slicing and dicing monsters in a 360 degree arc. This attack also knocks his targets into the air.
Cleopatra Magic Staff Serpent's Wrath:
Monsters got ya down? Why not spit RADIANT SPECTRAL VENOM IN THEIR FACES with Cleopatra's mystical staff? Pick off single targets from a distance with this ability.
Soul Eater:
Cleopatra rises into the air and summons the spirit of Ammit - the DEVOURER OF SOULS - and unleashes it on her enemies with devastating, rapid area of effect attacks. While airborne, nearby allies do more damage with their attacks.
Leonardo da Vinci Power Armor Big Badaboom:
This original Renaissance Man uses the wrist-mounted rocket launchers on his wood-paneled power armor to blow away enemies from a distance.
Leonardo takes flight, then unleashes a torrent of flame on his unsuspecting foes! Right click to fly, then left click and hold to fire.
Genghis Khan Club and Shield Bonk!:
Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that really matter. Simple things, like crushing your enemies with a giant club. This melee attack does heavy, single-target damage.
Khan smashes the ground, sending a wave of damage out from the point of impact. Does conearea of effect damage and knocks down targets in front of him.


iOS edition[edit]

On February 17, 2014, Rocket City Studios released an iOS version of Second Chance Heroes in the App Store.

Microsoft Windows, OS X[edit]

The Microsoft Windows and OS X versions of the game were originally due to be released on June 20, 2014, but due to the Steam Summer Sale, the game was delayed until July 4, 2014.


Critical reception[edit]

Aggregate scores
GameRankings(iOS) 83.33%[2]
Metacritic(iOS) 84/100[3]

Second Chance Heroes has received generally positive reviews on iOS from critics, attaining scores of 83.33% and 84/100 on aggregate review websites GameRankings and Metacritic respectively.[2][3]


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