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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Corinth of the American Civil War on October 3 and 4, 1862, in Corinth, Mississippi. Order of battle compiled from the army organization, return of casualties[1] and reports.[2] The Confederate order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of the Mississippi[edit]

MG William S. Rosecrans

  • Chief of Staff: Ltc Henry G. Kennett
  • Aide de Camp: Col John V. Du Bois
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division
     BG David S. Stanley

First Brigade

   Col John W. Fuller

Second Brigade

   Col Joseph A. Mower (w/c)[3]

Third Division
     BG Charles S. Hamilton

Escort: 5th Missouri Cavalry, Company C

First Brigade

   BG Napoleon B. Buford

Second Brigade

   BG Jeremiah C. Sullivan (w)
   Col Samuel A. Holmes

Cavalry Division
   Col John K. Mizner

First Brigade

   Col Edward Hatch

Second Brigade

   Col Albert L. Lee


  • 64th Illinois: Cpt John Morrill
  • 1st United States Infantry, Companies A, B, C, D, H, and I (siege artillery): Cpt G.A. Williams

Army of West Tennessee[edit]

MG Ulysses S. Grant (not present)
Detachment commanded by BG James B. McPherson[4]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division
     BG Thomas A. Davies

First Brigade

   BG Pleasant A. Hackleman (mw)
   Col Thomas W. Sweeny

Second Brigade

   BG Richard J. Oglesby (w)
   Col August Mersy

Third Brigade

   Col Silas D. Baldwin (w)
   Col John V. Du Bois[6]


   Maj George H. Stone

  • 1st Missouri Light Artillery, Battery D: Cpt Henry Richardson
  • 1st Missouri Light Artillery, Battery H: Cpt Frederick Welker
  • 1st Missouri Light Artillery, Battery I: Lt Charles Thurber
  • 1st Missouri Light Artillery, Battery K: Lt Charles Green


Sixth Division
     BG John McArthur[7][8]
     BG Thomas J. McKean

First Brigade

   Col Benjamin Allen
   BG John McArthur

Second Brigade

   Col John M. Oliver

Third Brigade

   Col Marcellus M. Crocker


   Cpt Andrew Hickenlooper


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