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The following Confederate units and commanders fought in the Second Battle of Fort Fisher (January 13–15, 1865) of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is listed separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the expedition.[1]

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]

Confederate Forces[edit]

District of North Carolina[edit]

Gen. Braxton Bragg

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

District of Cape Fear

     MG William H. C. Whiting (mw)

Fort Fisher

   Col William Lamb (w)

  • 10th North Carolina – Maj. James Reilly
  • 36th North Carolina – Col. William Lamb
  • 40th North Carolina
  • 1st Battalion North Carolina Heavy Artillery, Co. D – Cpt. James L. McCormic
  • 3rd Battalion North Carolina Light Artillery, Co. C – Cpt. John M. Sutton
  • 13th Battalion North Carolina Light Artillery, Co. D – Cpt. Zachariah T. Adams
  • Confederate Navy Detachment – Cpt. Robert T. Chapman
  • Confederate Marine Corps Detachment – Cpt. A.C. Van Benthuysen

Hoke's Division

     MG Robert F. Hoke

Clignman's Brigade

   Col Hector McKethan

  • 8th North Carolina – Ltc. Rufus A. Barrier
  • 31st North Carolina – Ltc. Charles Knight
  • 51st North Carolina – Cpt. James W. Lippitt
  • 61st North Carolina – Col. William S. Devane
Colquitt's Brigade

   BG Alfred H. Colquitt

  • 6th Georgia – Col. John T. Lofton
  • 19th Georgia – Col. James H. Neal
  • 23rd Georgia – Col. Marcus R. Ballenger
  • 27th Georgia – Cpt. Elisha D. Graham
  • 28th Georgia – Cpt. John A. Johnson
Hagood's Brigade

   Col. Robert F. Graham

  • 7th South Carolina Battalion – Ltc. James H. Rion
  • 11th South Carolina – Col. F. Hay Gantt
  • 21st South Carolina – Cpt. D.G. DuBose
  • 25th South Carolina – Cpt. James Carson
  • 27th South Carolina
Kirkland's Brigade

   BG William Kirkland[2]

  • 17th North Carolina – Ltc. Thomas H. Sharp
  • 42nd North Carolina – Col. John E. Brown
  • 66th North Carolina – Col. John H. Nethercutt




  • 3rd Battalion North Carolina Light Artillery, Co. A – Cpt. Andrew J. Ellis
  • Southerland's North Carolina Battery – Cpt. Thomas J. Southerland
  • Paris's (Virginia) Battery, Staunton Hill Artillery – Cpt. Andrew B. Paris


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