Second Hatta Cabinet

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Second Hatta Cabinet
Kabinet Hatta II
Flag of Indonesia.svg
9th cabinet of Indonesia
Indonesian Government (Executive Branch)
National emblem of Indonesia Garuda Pancasila.svg
Date formed 4 August 1949 (1949-08-04)
Date dissolved 14 December 1949 (1949-12-14)
People and organisations
Head of state Sukarno
Head of government Mohammad Hatta
Predecessor Sjafruddin Emergency Cabinet
Successor United States of Indonesia Cabinet
(Federation Government)
Republic of Indonesia Susanto Cabinet
(State Government)

The second Hatta Cabinet (Indonesian: Kabinet Hatta Kedua) was Indonesia's ninth cabinet. It was formed after the Indonesian leadership, which had been imprisoned by Dutch forces, returned to the capital, Yogyakarta. It served from 4 August to 14 December 1949.


Cabinet Leadership[edit]

Departmental Ministers[edit]

  • State Coordinating Minister for Domestic Security: Sultan Hamengkubuwana IX
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Agus Salim
  • Minister of Home Affairs: Wongsonegoro (PIR)
  • Minister of Justice: Soesanto Tirtoprodjo (PNI)
  • Minister of Finance: Lukman Hakim (Indonesian National Party – PNI)
  • Minister of Welfare: I.J. Kasimo (PKRI)
  • Minister of Supply of People's Provisions: I.J. Kasimo (PKRI)
  • Minister of Education & Culture: S. Mangunsarkoro (PNI)
  • Minister of Health ad imterim: Dr. Surono
  • Minister of Public Works: Laoh (PNI)
  • Minister of Communications: Laoh (PNI)
  • Minister of Religious Affairs: Masjkoer (Masyumi)
  • Minister of Labor and Social Affairs: Koesnan (PGRI)
  • Minister of Information: Samsudin (Masyumi)

State Ministers (without portfolio)[edit]


Due to Hatta's departure for the Dutch-Indonesian Round Table Conference, from 6 August 1949, via Presidential Decision No. 10/A/1949, Defense Minister Sultan Hamengkubuwana IX became acting prime minister. He also became acting foreign minister while Agus Salim was unable to perform his duties from 21 October. Effective from 1 December, Dr. Johannes Leimena replaced Minister of Health ad interim Dr. Surono, leaving only two state ministers.[1]

The end of the cabinet[edit]

The cabinet was dissolved after a fundamental change in Indonesia's political system with the establishment of the United States of Indonesia, a result of the Round Table Conference. With the coming into force of the Federal Constitution on 14 December, the cabinet was automatically dissolved and replaced by the Republic of the United States of Indonesia Cabinet, also led by Hatta.[2]


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