Second Pitt the Younger ministry

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William Pitt the Younger, ca. 1804-1805.

The Second Pitt the Younger Ministry was formed in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland by William Pitt the Younger in 1804.


1804 − 1806[edit]

First Lord of the Treasury
Chancellor of the Exchequer
William Pitt the Younger 1804–1806
Lord Chancellor The Lord Eldon 1804–1806
Lord President of the Council The Duke of Portland 1804–1805
Lord Privy Seal The Earl of Westmorland 1804–1806
Foreign Secretary The Lord Harrowby 1804–1805
Home Secretary The Lord Hawkesbury 1804–1806
War and Colonial Secretary The Earl Camden 1804–1805
First Lord of the Admiralty The Viscount Melville 1804–1805
Master-General of the Ordnance The Earl of Chatham 1804–1806
President of the Board of Trade The Duke of Montrose 1804–1806
President of the Board of Control Viscount Castlereagh 1804–1806
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster The Lord Mulgrave 1804–1805


  • January, 1805 - Lord Mulgrave succeeds Lord Harrowby as Foreign Secretary. Lord Buckinghamshire (previously Lord Hobart) succeeds Mulgrave at the Duchy of Lancaster. Lord Sidmouth succeeds the Duke of Portland as Lord President. Portland becomes a Minister without Portfolio.
  • April, 1805 - Lord Barham succeeds Lord Melville as First Lord of the Admiralty
  • July, 1805 - Lord Harrowby succeeds Lord Buckinghamshire as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Lord Camden succeeds Lord Sidmouth as Lord President. Lord Castlereagh succeeds Camden as Colonial Secretary, remaining also at the Board of Control.


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Preceded by
Addington Ministry
Government of the United Kingdom
Succeeded by
Ministry of All the Talents