Emirate of Nejd

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Emirate of Nejd
إمارة نجد



Capital Riyadh
Languages Gulf Arabic, Western Persian, Ottoman Turkish
Religion Sunni Islam
Government Monarchy
 -  Reconquest of Riyadh 1824
 -  Battle of Mulayda with the Al Rashid 24 January 1891
Today part of  Saudi Arabia
 United Arab Emirates[2]
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History of Saudi Arabia
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The Emirate of Nejd was the second Saudi state that existed during the early to late 19th century.[5] Saudi rule was restored to central and eastern Arabia after having previously been brought down by an Ottoman-Egyptian invasion in 1818. Compared to the First Saudi State, the second Saudi period was marked by less territorial expansion and less religious zeal, although the Saudi leaders continued to go by the title of Imam and still employed Wahhabist religious scholars.

It was also marked by severe internal conflicts within the Saud family, eventually leading to the dynasty's downfall. Turki ibn Abdallah's reconquest of Riyadh from Egyptian forces in 1824 is generally regarded as the beginning of the Second Saudi State, while the end was marked by the Battle of Mulayda in 1891, between the forces loyal to the last Saudi imam, Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal ibn Turki, and the Al Rashid dynasty of Ha'il.

The rulers of the second state:

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